TOP 27% OnlyFans!

Uhm, I moved up another spot on OnlyFans! 😻

Thank you!

I love y’all so much for not letting me die on the street!

And it feels like that trust thing, where you get blindfolded and fall backwards and trust that they will catch you.

Because I’m opening up there and exploring my sexuality through camera work and modeling and it’s my safe place to do so.

My account is not hardcore XXX porn.

I strip, I’m a stripper – but with my artsy spin.

I’m doing stuff there I’ve never even done with another human being in the real world and it’s very liberating.

It’s very liberating taking my clothes off and I don’t feel guilty or sinful about it.

It feels natural.

Even my weird fetish’s I’m learning to explore (vampire cosplay, child cosplay, ect)

And I’ve also done ratings on others and one said it was a really good mental health boost.

I can live with that.

Because it’s also a really big mental health boost just for having your support.

I love you! 💕

I swear to fuck my OnlyFans is better than therapy!

And I realize that my account is way more softcore compared to what other girls are doing on their accounts (I do not masturbate or do porn / XXX). My content is Rated R though. It’s not PG.

I studied the Kama Sutra all my life and my focus was always seduction (vampire) and sensuality (sensation).

I think I may try to tell stories with the photo sets that I put out.

Not all of the sets because lately I’ve been posting more casual content that would get me in trouble or banned on Instagram.

And I asked them if they would be OK with me doing that and they said yes.

So sometimes they get me taking a bubble bath or sometimes they get me doing cosplay.

Can’t wait to be fully vaccinated though so I can travel and still wear my mask everywhere. 👀

The month of April has been hard for me medically – because of my COVID vaccinations.

I’m currently day 2 into dose 2 of the Moderna vaccine.

So thank you for letting me post more casual stuff that would get me in trouble or banned on Instagram (or falsely reported and removed).

Like my booty. Been posting lots more booty progress there on OF since I get in trouble for posting it on Instagram, despite there being naked women who are being sexually suggestive and in fact, it is sexual solicitation, but their post can remain because they haven’t been shadowbanned.

Overall, I’m just grateful for your support on my OnlyFans.

I tried to go live the other night on Instagram to show you the beach, and I was blocked from doing that on my account.

It made me want to drown myself in the ocean. 👀

Big bro has made social media toxic as fuck.

I literally fear doing anything there.

Which makes me even more grateful for my OnlyFans that I have your support because I could be nowhere on the leaderboard and dead on the street.

And there are absolutely people out there that are making me feel bad for even being on the leaderboard because they would’ve locked me on the bottom of the Titanic and watched it sink in boats that could’ve held more people.

Boats (as in plural).


Grateful for my tribe! ❤️

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