Y’all know how I almost got arrested at the VA because I was letting other people know that they could still get sick even vaccinated because I didn’t want them to get sick even though they’re getting vaccinated?

Well, I’ve lost followers over that as well but you can go to the CDC website and get this information for yourself.

They’re not gonna be as direct in saying it but it’s on the CDC website right there with all the variants and the relapses of people who are getting sick even though they are vaccinated (and these people were shocked and couldn’t believe that they actually got sick because they were vaccinated).

Me too. I was starting to have that misconception that I was going to be invincible at 94% effective against it (you know what I mean free donuts every day at Krispy Kreme just showing my vaccination card)….

It’s hip, it’s cool to be vaccinated, the cute little cartoon videos will show you people running around without their mask on – but when you’re in public you still need to have your mask on and you can actually still get sick – but they don’t say that or show that in the cute video do they…

Condoms aren’t 100% effective either and they are already talking about booster shots annually.

I will not be getting anything else shot wise in regards to COVID.

They will – at this point – have to enforce it on me.

They will have to enforce it on me and even then with five people holding me down they’re gonna have a fucking hard time getting that booster shot in me.


I’m done with this man-made pandemic bullshit.

Delirious but not fucking delusional.

My mask will be staying on. I will be keeping six feet from you.

Move anywhere inside my bubble and you risk getting yelled at just like that cop did.

He too will obey the fucking rules or arrest me!

And 4 other cops rolled in and nearly did.

Don’t come at me.

1984 is now!


Why are people so afraid to be told that they can still get sick even vaccinated?

*runs around yelling putting the fear into everybody*

*waits to be stoned/arrested/shadowbanned/crucified/burned at the stake/unfollowed/blocked*

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