Petite + Frugal

I’m not starving

I was at the grocery store today and I bought a shit ton of food and I’m frugal

I’m saving my pennies to buy some fucking land but go ahead and keep spending your money on gambling and drugs and body shaming women for not sending you free nudes when you demand

I’m not starving and I’ve got like 15 pounds of fat I need to shed.

Then, more muscle to re-build and booty gains once I get the go-ahead to start working out again.

Petite. Not obsolete.

*grumbles there’s not enough weed to get me through the apocalypse and now they’ve banned me only favorite cigarettes even tho I only smoke 1 or 2 a year*

*fears the day she’s stumbling through the streets naked and mad*

*doesn’t understand a fucking thing*

*needs love*

*Remembers she bought chocolate and cookies*



(If that is a fortune cookie it looks like Pac-Man trying to eat my chocolate chips)

I actually would enjoy playing Pac-Man again if they did make it cookies…


And Cookie Monster as Pac-Man

In a multi-verse that game actually exists and I’m playing it right now according to scientists who say there’s many versions of me


Can we change dimensions pretty please?


*sends out call sign to Neo*

(And he heard because they are making The Matrix 4 right now and I’m living for it)

I’m not starving, I’m just tiny, and I have a very big appetite!

(i also workout normally when I’m not dying)


42% Obese?

Jeaus Christ

So how many on that list “overweight”?

Stop body shaming me because you’re too lazy to work out


I’m disabled and dying and I still fucking work out


Feeling slightly better

But tired of being picked on because I’m small

And venting stopped me from crying

And also googling the statistics of the amount of Americans who are currently obese in America

it’s a lot


I fucking workout – deal with it

I’m petite


(And guess what, I’m not gonna feel bad about stuffing my face full of cookies now)

I am the Cookie Monster

And I will steal your cookie


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