Together Or Separate

...We create storms


When the muse becomes a fuse, light that bitch up and run

Mandatory Social Distancing

Sending love (I think) during this mandatory social distancing

The Downside (A song)

Can't sleep, wrote some song lyrics


This poem IS NOT about the guy I'm crazy in love with.


Learnings and hard earnings


Some things aren't what they seem


I needed to vent via rhyme (themes of depression & suicide / possible trigger warning)

6 Feet

An anti-love poem in under 20 words


I'm a fool for love


I make decisions I know I'll regret later (but this isn't one of them)

An Apology For My Apologies

I'm forever sorriezz (no for real, I'm sorry)


Got his noose around my neck...


A poem and rant about sexual harassment


The value of nobody


I don't understand any of it

Seeds of Descent

Bleeding in rhyme and real time

Love You Forever

He's so far away now *sobs uncontrollably*

My Sunday, how’s yours going?

I am a victim of criminal mischief

Barely Coping

Mostly moping, barely coping


I'm not the reason he is bad, I'm not the reason you have no self-worth.


Keith Whitley, Lil Peep, Chris Cornell, Scott Weiland, Heath Ledger to name a few... FUCK YOU BIG PHARM

Lil Peep

Song recommendation by Lil Peep RIP

Lu Part 999 (We dream backwards)

The devil is obsessed with me but the feeling isn't mutual. Unrequited love. It all makes sense now. (Freestyle midday demon slay)


If ignorance is bliss I wouldn't know it

Cognitive Dissonance

Who will save the sane?


Here a dick, there a dick, everywhere a dick dick

Wicked Games

He's just like all the rest... wicked


He may have a 4.0 GPA but he's stupid and a monster

Remembers Worth



Ah, love in the underworld; sinks fangs into flesh (succulent)


A poem about S&M or guitar practice, or unrequited love, whatev...

Rest of Me

Finish what you started...

Peaches and Cream

My tongue is sweet and sour...

A Visit From Lu Part 7

A Visit From Lu Part 7!!!


Themes of death, possible trigger warning (irony)


Regrets and sorrow


Like a fucking yoyo we are but if I wanted a fag, I could pop down to the store...

The Day I End

Maybe today is the day I find my courage


I'll take the middle of try; that's where you are.

A Visit From Lu Part 3

A Visit From Lu Part 3 (new poetry series)


If only I could stop loving you...

Caught Between the Devil

Caught between the devil and the poems I keep writing...

Loss For Words

Unrequited love chapter 666

Tower of Sorrow

eternal blackness, he's gone


I thought I was just a gatherer but I suppose I am a huntress as well.


OMFG freshly wrote this AM for you. A poem + convo + lesson


What a waste of precious months with you, writing for what, for whom? The fall of pride vs ego.


Hope is a fragile thing

Just a shoutout to my tribe

Grateful for you and sorries


Oh my fucking goddddd, another day, of my two favorite things


If you lay down your arms, I will lay down my pride.

Ah, The Great Depression!

Ahh ye great joy of depression!


I had to drown the thing that was drowning me...

Depression Avenue, Anxiety Lane

Make a right on Depression Avenue
and a left on Anxiety Lane

I’m So Scared

This is not my best writing, but it comes from a real place of fear as I battle depression and suicidal tendencies. Trigger warning.


Possible trigger warning. Depression and suicide is the subject. Be warned. Including original digi art of myself.


A poem about the devil in hell or about depression. Depression IS hell.

Lived and Learned

All the things I've done and want to do. Truth is, I only want you. A tragic poem which contains an ounce of hope. My life is a Shakespearean tragedy. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Event Horizon

I imagine getting pulled into a black hole must feel exactly like depression and anxiety.


Home is where the heart is

Ingredients for Ruin

How to kill a heart (a poem; not an actual recipe- or is it? ๐Ÿค”)

RSVP Declined

A poem about cancelled friendships