“Heart attacks and miscarriages”

“Heart attacks and miscarriages”

“blown vocal cords” 😩


And yeah, I had to yell at my nurse to take this shit seriously and not give me the common side effects listed by the CDC.

The illuminati own Big Bro and Big Internet

But it’s nice to finally start finding some articles that haven’t been paid or promoted by the CDC or WHO

It’s by some miracle I’m still alive.

I was fucking dying that first night you came to see me.

My BP dropped because it had to carve a new path to work.

My BP keeps dropping because those Moderna shots have fucked me up.

The only reason I’m still alive is because he did come to see me.

He put me in some sort of trance.

He removed my fears and took my mind (mostly) from the pain.

And I was telling him, “I’m sorry my energy levels are so low”.

I’m fucking dying


Wanted to watch the sun go down on the beach Friday night and I thought it was gonna be my last because my body core temperature started dropping so low that I could no longer sit on the sand.

I was so lethargic I thought I was about to just lay down and go to sleep and never wake up and it was really scary to think that I could just die right there with all those strangers around and so I immediately got up and went the fuck home and got in my bed and back under my fucking heating pad because I was freezing. By 8:30 I was back home in bed on a Friday night. Lame 👀

Wednesday after freezing under my heating pad for 3 hours – I took a solid hot bath – 10 minutes into that hot bath my skin felt cold as a dead body.

I might die from this.

It’s a miracle I’m still alive.

I’m bonded to him and it’s not because he bought me pizza – but he did buy me pizza and now I’m his wife.

He’s stuck with me.


That’s the rules in an apocalypse.

You buy her pizza and she’s yours.


(I feel closer to him than anyone in the entire world and I don’t know who he is)


And I’m currently that salmon swimming upstream.

I gots to find my mate before I die

(I was meant to have another 40+ years)

*warning* If you have underlying health issues you’re playing Russian roulette if you get any of the vaccinations

1984 is now

Stay woke

Because I can barely keep my eyes open due to extremely low energy levels after receiving Covid vaccinations

I can’t even watch a fucking sunset


8 responses to ““Heart attacks and miscarriages””

  1. Thank you! I am slowly recovering! I’m not 100% yet, still really can’t do anything due to extreme lethargy (the CDC will list it as “tiredness”) but I can barely keep my eyes open most days. 👀

    My doctor did confirm what I’m experiencing can go on for weeks.

    I’m ready to get back to fitness and rebounding! I’m tired and scared of dying! But I still have physical pain in my chest (heart) on top of the other symptoms. This is just not the time to push myself. I don’t have anyone to drive me or protect me so mostly homebound and on bedrest. This isn’t how I planned my days after being fully vaccinated though. I live in Florida. I wanna take photos and stuff. I don’t even have anybody to bring me soup, let alone make me soup! I appreciate your get wells!

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