Mandatory vaccines at the VA 👀 It’s kind of scary how precise and accurate I seem to always be but they are starting to make vaccines mandatory at the VA at least for the healthcare workers and then next it’ll be the soldiers, won’t it… 👀 But I ain’t gonna get any goddamn booster shots 👀 Y’all wtf 👀

China’s three-child policy: Too little too late? | TV Shows | Al Jazeera

Sustaining economic growth means boosting birthrates, but young people say ‘no thanks’ to more kids. — Read on Murdering baby girls because they favored boys 👀 And now there’s a giant gender gap with too many men 👀 I don’t like the world we live in 👀 #metoo

Why India, The World’s Largest Vaccine Maker, Has A 4% Rate Of COVID Vaccination

The Serum Institute began mass-producing COVID vaccines even before approval. They’ve made millions of doses. But so far only about 4% of people in India are fully vaccinated. What went wrong? — Read on

CDC And FDA Trusted By Only Half Of Americans : NPR

A new Harvard poll shows that only half of Americans trust the CDC — other health agencies were rated even lower. During a pandemic, trust is critical to the success of a public health response. — Read on Not very shocking that half of Americans think the CDC is full of shit. 👀 YouContinue reading “CDC And FDA Trusted By Only Half Of Americans : NPR”

Stiletto love My latest Instagram post is doing so much better than I thought it would. Especially because my self-esteem has been low – I haven’t felt very photogenic – and this was my first time walking in stilettos. 🤪 Thank you for the follows, bookmarks, likes, and comments. 💕