Thanks, updates, and more thanks!

Thank you for making my new TikTok number one on my channel! I’m always afraid to even do one because the competition is so fierce! 👀

My TikTok clocks in just over 15 seconds but it has already been played over three hours!! 👀

It shows the average watch time as being longer than the actual TikTok (does this mean you were suspended and experienced time dilation)? 👀

683 accounts reached! Holyshit! I’d pee myself! I can’t perform in front of people. Hell, I can’t even type if someone is standing over me. If I am eating and I am into a guy and he sits down and starts talking to me, I will choke on my food. I iz nerd. 👀

I love making TikTok’s and I am trying to get better. I’d like to make more. But not 3 a day more. Those creators are just copying things that have already been done. And they have all the equipment they need that I don’t have. 👀

I create in spontaneous combustion oft times.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch my new TikTok, you can check it out at the link here:

I have other videos too on my channel – I don’t have a set theme. But I do prefer using it more creatively than journalistically. Apparently you are supposed to respond to comments with more videos (even the negative comments). Eh, no thanks.

Thanks for checking out my work and for supporting content creators!

I’m sorry there has been less content lately, I am still recovering from heart related issues but the passion is still in every thing I do (including the rants). 👀

I played everything how I was supposed to

I did everything I was supposed to in society and look where it fucking got me 👀

I have a college degree but the recession has gone on longer than the Great Depression did, and I remember specific conversations my grandmother told me about living through that experience.

So if you’re out there supporting me financially, I appreciate you even more.

Dying (maybe) but not giving up or quitting.

And I’ve been writing like mad, and am working on a draft for my Patreon rewards for the month of May!!! Y’all have stuck with me and I appreciate you so much! Your support paid my domain operating fees this month too and I am grateful ! Thank you!!

Writing has always been my dream and my passion, this is what I’ve always wanted to do! Along with guitar, music, and acting but my stage fright has proved challenging over the years (and my brain injury).

I do have a few public post on my Patreon and you can follow for free and get those free rewards when I post public content! I drop poems from time to time (poetry that hasn’t been posted anywhere else).


My lowest tier is $1 if you’d like to support my ongoing creativity while earning perks and rewards! 💝

It keeps this blog up and going, the content coming, as well as advertisement free! Zero spam ever on my blog! No ads! So you can read and watch my content with a virus looming. 👀

I started my campaign in 2020 and grateful for my patrons!!! 💖

I really appreciate that you let me focus on my art instead of being a socialite (I’ve never been one of those).

I don’t actually do good around people.

And I’ve always been very intuitive and to know things before they happen.

“But what’s really going to boggle your noodle later is would you have even broken it if I hadn’t of said anything“ 👀

And that my friends is the only answer I need to know in life.

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