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WP is honoring the coupon and refunding what I was overcharged!

I can start posting pictures and videos again!

Thanks to my patrons, I was able to do all this, their support is priceless!

I literally live paycheck to paycheck but I’m not ashamed to say that I pay all my own bills.

It’s terrible that the cost of living has become so expensive that everybody needs to work 2 to 3 jobs until they fucking die just to pay rent and electric.

So I appreciate your support more than I’m able to express.

I’m aware the content has been lacking on all my platforms but the sad truth is, I was warned too late about the negative side effects these vaccines cause. That didn’t stop me from asking everybody “are you sure you want me to go through with the second dose because the first one caused my blood pressure to drop” and everybody, all the medical staff said “yes” and even the guy getting ready to poke me didn’t want to poke me, we both just had the deer in the headlight looks and I fucking went through with it like the good little sheeple that I am and now I’m fucking half dead and learning that only 50% of young adult or teens recover from this- if they get hit with it – and even though I identify as young and or a teen, I don’t actually fall in that category 👀

I fall in the category of “miracle to even still be alive“ 👀

I’m not sugarcoating it and my ticker is in physical pain every day

And activity 10000% makes it worse

Any activity 👀

I ain’t no Golddigger but I am digging my own grave over the choices I allow others to make for me 👀

Peer pressure 👀

Or my future self had been warning me not to get this fucking vaccine because it knew that this was going to happen – so I didn’t listen to myself again – again I didn’t listen to the Oracle in me. I’m not like everybody else. I know things before they fucking happen or maybe this was supposed to happen to me so that I could warn all of you so that the CDC could put a warning out? 🤔

I mean everybody was trying to silence me when I was telling y’all about this shit and I was warning you about it before they even gave it a name and put it out in the press

And now people are just simply calling me a liar 👀

These narcissist have no problems gaslighting your reality though

I’m fucking dying and I’m not crying wolf 👀

I’m the reason the CDC put out a fucking warning 👀

I’m just a casualty of a big pharmacy war

The good news is, people are finally awakening

I’m suffering my own crucifixion in society

You know how Edgar Allan Poe talked about sanity being a nightmare?


Nearly died from my mysterious death tho, didn’t I? 👀

There’s no way you would’ve figured out that this vaccine killed me if nobody would’ve told you


I’m also an Army trained medic

I do have experience in the medical world

I know what the fuck I’m talking about generally

I have years and years and years of experience working as an EMT (an emergency medical technician).

What I was allowed to do on soldiers was far more extensive than what I was allowed to do on civilians.

I was basically a nurse and I even have certificates of teaching others Combat Lifesaver cuz that’s how you keep your certifications to be medical

Just because you didn’t get to see me working in those fields doesn’t mean that I didn’t work in those fields 👀

I know how to triage for fuck sake

My skill sets are not like yours and when I was serving we weren’t allowed to be on our cell phones, we weren’t allowed to take pictures, we weren’t allowed to check in, we weren’t allowed to tell y’all what we were fucking doing 👀

I can’t even remember if cell phones existed when I was in basic training 👀

I’m ancient 👀

I found out how many lives I’m finally on though and I’m on life number seven

So if I do die between now and never, my energy will go to another dimension or galaxy

“You are not of this world”

True. And I really do know events happen before they happen so I need to stop doubting myself

Just because I’m paranoid, doesn’t mean I’m not being followed and just because something is a conspiracy theory, doesn’t mean it’s not true…

You’ve been conditioned to play your role


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