Awake in a dreamworld
Frozen where feet curled
Am clinging where life occurred
Still wishing was his girl

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

Living dead girl 👀

I don’t know what lessons I’m supposed to be learning. If the lesson is love by not getting any love, then I accept my fate and am ready to die on the street.

If I’m still here because someone else hasn’t learned the lesson, can we hurry up?

I know things before they happen but yet still manage to make the wrong choices?

Because they were already decided before I took this form 👀

I’m here to teach you a lesson but who hath eyes to see?

Don’t fucking embalm me when I die, don’t fucking cremate me, don’t fucking embalm me

I don’t think the bugs will eat my hair

I want my bones to take 10,000 years to decay

Don’t let them embalm me!

I don’t want to be preserved!

I want to recycle into the Earth.

It’s pretty fucking simple and Florida allows you to be buried on your own land

I can have my own little family cemetery, it’ll be a cemetery of fucking one just like my life but whatever all I need to do is buy my plot of land

I don’t even need to have cemetery space

I’m gonna have my own goddamn land bitches were my body can be buried because Florida allows you to bury yourself on your land

I can crawl into my own fucking ditch and die

Plant an apple tree by the cemetery

It’s cheaper to buy land for me to live on than cemetery space to be buried

But, I can be buried on my land

Two stones, one bird

wait… err other way 👀

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