Come and Gone

I thought the season had come and gone?
Fleeing reason with curtains drawn?
How lost was Eden, without her dawn?
Left hand held treason, right hand moved on?

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

Me. Next to a swamp. No filter. Freckles and worry lines uggggg…. But pigtails caught the eye of a dad and son trio, when he randomly asked if I “got the shot” I thought he was asking me about the vaccine lol – but he meant the photos! Lol I iz ditzy but the son kept answering for the dad, I must have been a ditzy hit. 😏

I am tore up about that building collapsing in Miami. Another Boeing basically. The Baby Boomers set us all up for failure. They cut every corner they could and painted over every red flag!

How many more people are gonna die in the hundreds?

That building suffered extensive structural damage so they decided to put heavy equipment and work on the roof. Sounds like another CEO who would rather pay a lawsuit or two than fix a building.

Just like it was easier for NASA to “retire” the Space Shuttle whom NASA murdered 16 astronauts with – instead of building safe rockets that land.

You’re telling me we’ve been giving them our tax money since 1954 and all they’ve come up with is a goddamn satellite that they’ve put up into space to keep you distracted from the fact that you’re a fucking slave, Neo!?!

I don’t want my tax money going to NASA. I never voted for that. I wasn’t even alive.

When do new generations get some say on how life is going to be?

Because as far as I can tell, the people who are in charge, keep fucking everything up. And on purpose.

They don’t fear punishment.

We fucking do tho don’t we.

Jail is the least scary place for me these days.

I’d get a bed, clean shower and three meals a day.

I want the 1% to know fear

Operation Stand Down – OSD – begins with you and me

Yup I’ve got a name for it now 👀

Where my squad? 👀

How the fuck do we talk more n a secure line? 👀

They use advertising to legally track us

And to control us as well

It’s bullshite and I don’t know how it manages to ignore the fucking constitution

These loopholes need concrete 👀

And I wish the press would stop gaslighting us about there being hope for people buried underneath the 12 stories that fell on top of them

They’re dead

Whatever oxygen they may have had, is definitely fucking gone now

They don’t even hear banging anymore so they fucking failed the clean up

Nobody is really good at their jobs anymore if you fucking pay attention to 90% of the population they don’t give a fuck about their job at all not one fucking ounce of empathy not the fucking people working in the hospitals not the people working at the fire stations they’re fucking dead inside – fucking dead 👀

More dead than those buried under 12 stories of rubble

But we can hope 👀

I don’t see anything negative against age play on WordPress – just says to place a NSFW adult content warning in the title


Uhm, I identify as young, so deal with it 👀

*sucks thumb 👀

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