Heart monitor day 1

The glue or whatever they used to attach this monitor to my skin STINKS

Like hospital ass

And it’s right under my nostrils

Hours have gone by and the chemicals are still loud 🤢

Looking forward to the itching that’s to come 😣

I stanks 🥴

This patch be stanky!

These fumes!!!! 🤕

Helps 🤧

I live at the hospital these days thanks to the Moderna vaccines swelling up my heart!!!

My nostrils are burning 👀

Probably gonna place that in my “journal” that I gotta send in – in bold red ink – with a ton of exclamation marks!!!

I also have a weird OCD about things being on my body

Like if a clothing item feels weird, I won’t be able to wear it

Or accessory

Which is why you’ll likely rarely ever see me in a belt, unless I’m in my military uniform, because I literally hate wearing belts or even watches…

Which is probably why you’ve never seen me in either a watch or a belt 👀

I have weird habits 👀

I’m obsessed with shoes but prefer being barefoot (but also hate having dirty feet) 👀

Sharing my darkest secrets 🤪

New goal: live to be an old lady

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