Heart stuffs

Got a CT scan of my heart today

These things rotate inside at super sonic speeds but it was entirely less traumatic than getting an MRI which made me 1000% claustrophobic when I got one. And the CT scan only took a few minutes.

Now I got a heart monitor glued to me capturing every heartbeat for the next 14 days and this patch cannot be removed by anyone according to this security statement – except my physician. I reckon that there’s some asshole out there that’s probably demanded people to do this which is why it has a warning.

It’ll turn orange and start glowing and beeping if it stops working. So not hearing anything is good.

They say though the patch can get irritating.

And obviously I can’t get it wet. Gotta be careful with the shower or bath.

Dying is so much fun. 👀

It’s also degrading and humiliating but my actual death isn’t something I’ll be able to worry over

Even though we all shit ourselves when we finally kick the bucket 👀

I’m not looking forward to all the disgusting shit that happens after I’m dead and I’m glad I won’t be alive for the humiliation

And I have demanded no funeral or showing so there won’t be any humiliation of only seven people attending and it being only enemies 👀

Poor Edgar Allan Poe tossed in an unmarked box

That actually sounds pretty wonderful and I’ll have an unmarked box myself please 👀

I don’t have a box at all 👀

And since no one is going to visit me in the eternal afterlife, we don’t really need a marked grave. Just drop me in the earth.

Death > Box > Earth 👀

I do miss my previous life and miss y’all

12 responses to “Heart stuffs”

  1. Wow, sounds like you have a lot on your plate. Wishing you all the best with all the things you have to face, and yeah, I too feel claustrophobic with all scanning machines I’ve had to slide into.

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  2. They are no fun! I still have more tests to go. I’m sick of them! Got vaccinated and my heart has been swollen ever since! Lots of pain and recovery time so far. Praying for a full recovery! 🙏


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