He messaged
From deep space
For touch or embrace
Or hope a second

The way dark lessened
The hope we face
Felt love a trace
A path was blessed then

Β© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

Struggling with purpose a lot right now πŸ‘€

Facing mortality way sooner than intended and learning the big lessons

My memaw had 12 children and I feel like I’m not meeting my potential in life πŸ‘€

Now that I have heart problems it’s like I have the grim reaper breathing on my back πŸ‘€

Or tapping me with one of those thangs you use for chopping weeds πŸ‘€

I might need one when I buy some land – if I can remember the name or live long enough πŸ‘€

Probably chop my ankle off by accident because I’m prone so probably don’t need one at all πŸ‘€

Grim gonna have me spit cleaning his soon πŸ‘€

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