10.5k views in under 9 hours, my TikTok is going viral (I think) 🤪

Does this mean I’ve gone viral lol

I literally laid down for a nap at 3.5k views

I was expecting to wake up and it still be at that amount


It’s still going 🤪

Not only that, it has the most likes of any of my videos

So it’s currently blown all of my other videos completely out of the water and is my number one most watched video and most loved (organic traffic)

I do not pay to play

The universe wants me to win! 🤩

Keep ascending! earth 5d here we come! 🥰

Link to my TikTok going viral! 👇


Yes it’s making me pee pee my panties 🤪

I do not pay to play (the TikTok gods are messing with me)

5 responses to “10.5k views in under 9 hours, my TikTok is going viral (I think) 🤪”

  1. I’ve already accepted that I’m a one hit wonder or maybe even a shooting star and it’s good that I had already put out some other videos because now I don’t have to fear what to put out next or sit in the abyss / spiral out, just keep going… 🤪


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