Top 57! OMG

I moved up on the leaderboard! 🤩

Top 57 thank you!!! 🥳

The content:

Thank you for your support!

People think people just stand in front of a camera and that’s it, like no, that’s not it, there’s a lot of posing, camera work involved, lighting, makeup, costume, location/scene/mood. Post editing.

Pretty bias exists

“She has it easy”

This is WORK and it comes from WITHIN and it requires ENERGY to produce content worthy of your TIME

I ain’t out here doing anything to disrespect my future husband

People try to shame me for my content because it is taboo 🤨

My grandmother was married and having babies at age 15



I’m tired of being in my masculine

I’ll never give up the combat boots or training

But that doesn’t mean you get to shame me out of femininity

My OF is therapeutic 🤨

I’m healing

And crawling up the leaderboard

2 sets in… 🤪

In the mid 50s

Maybe not bad?

Maybe I can have 2 coffees today?

I already want to eat the other bowl of soup which means I would’ve ate the entire pot of soup myself (how the fuck am I so thin)

(I’ll get use to weighing as much as a feather again)

Now I got a watch out for the wind because it can be a potential threat because it could knock me into the ocean or into a damn rip current

I’ll be glad when the future husband protects me

And I can chill with the flight or fight mode


I just wanna make a miracle baby, grow some vegetables, and make some soup

I mean, and photography and poetry from the mini plot of land / sleep barn

I don’t want the future husband segregating me from my purpose 😏

He should be taking the photos 🤪

(It actually takes a lot of courage and I’m extremely shy)

Grateful for your feedback as I’ve never worn anything cute before!

I’m going up against some tough competitors and grateful to be on the leaderboard!! 💪

When Edgar was about my age he died on the street so this feels like a bonus OK

Half dead but not yet…

Skinny as fuck tho 🤪

But I did eat an entire large cheese pizza by myself

I don’t know what to tell you

I’m eating

I think if I had a husband I might be getting more meals in but it’s cool, I’m eating and good eating too and fasting is not bad

I’ve already had a handful of raw nuts and seeds just since eating the vegan soup

And I am doing everything in my power to ensure I get a bowl for tomorrow 🤨

I still think I’m fat in areas at 118 pounds (yeeee society)

I may look a size ????? but I’ve never been a size 4

I may be back to a size 5 tho

But I’m pretty much at this size where I need to start just making my own clothes

I took a sewing class in Home Economics

And, I’ve got a few sewing kits around here

I learned how to stitch humans in medical school

I should just get to sewing already

I’m becoming my grandmother and so the future husband needs to be okay with my weird cycles

She made quilts and dolls and shit

I mean, mindfulness mental health

The earth is magical and I want to grow shit from it

That doesn’t mean that we can’t play card games or hide and seek


And my new birthday shower curtain remodel from Dolls Kill is on the way

Top 57 and getting new bathroom views

That is definitely better than dying on the street, so thank you!!!!!!!!

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