One Pot Wonder Witches Stew (organic cooking)

First off, you can use whatever veggies, herbs, and meats you like. But this pot is organic and vegan and made with love. No recipe book! ❤️

Jesus said when he comes back he’s hitting my door for some soups

I didn’t use all my cherry rainbow tomatoes or tomatoes on the vine (or peppers and herbs) cuz I’m using some to make pasta sauce

I don’t have a fancy kitchen setup yet but I’m using a glass pot and Florida spring water

I do advise that you drink spring water locally wherever you are

I used a can of tomato sauce this time – it made absolutely no difference in taste turn out – it did however help since I was using less tomatoes this time to make my base

Glass pot + Spring water + sauce + handful of medley cherry tomatoes 🍅 + low heat (simmer around 3-4 heat)

Start dropping herbs and spices (you will be cooking with your eyes and nose for the next few hours)

I tossed in a couple small handfuls of green split peas + lentils

2 + 2 and stir frequently but gently so they don’t stick (I do not presoak in poison)

We’re making witches stew (vegetable soup – can be made with a fire and cauldron potentially)

Now I’m dicing peppers and celery to get the broth nice and tasty – these can be diced small – we’ll add more later towards the end – so don’t put it all in now

This is how it’s going

You can add salt and pepper now – slow and steady wins the race (no taste testing until the potatoes are being tried) (we haven’t put any potatoes in the pot yet so stop freaking out). I use about a quarter amount of salt in my palm – about 4 pinches worth – THIS TIME AND EACH TIME

I also used a dash of sea salt that states it does not provide the necessary nutrients – and I’m still on the hunt for the correct salt to use

My doctor did say I needed more salt and that was when I was just using the sea salt that doesn’t provide the necessary nutrient

A quarter amount of salt

You wanna add all your spices now – but not at one time. They were out of fresh rosemary but I had some dry herbs on stock (I am not growing my own herbs and peppers and tomatoes because I don’t have a balcony or porch to do that and all the apartments I lived in before I could at least grow some herbs and peppers and shit)

I did use fresh cilantro and parsley 🌿 and lots of it too (saved some for the upcoming pasta)

And you’ll likely need to add a touch more water later – you don’t want the beans using up all your water and the extra fiber will be very hearty (also these require half an hour at normal temps to cook on their own, these will require the full simmer time of 2-3 hours, you’ll need to stir gently and often to ensure proper rotation

At this point I’m still dicing peppers, onions, and adding herbs 🪴

I use seeds yes – skins and seeds 🙌

My soup turns out mild so I gotta kick up the heat soon

During the broth making session, the items are diced (celery, onion, tomatoes on the vine – I kept the cherry tomatoes whole and did not pop them unless they popped on their own)

Celery makes for a delicious broth

I generally add more to the soup during the end – so I have a slightly crunchy celery and pepper (no carrots this time but lots of cabbage)

With the rosemary (pre stir)

But now you can start adding yer tators! I used 3 this time! I wanted extra potato since I had no fresh carrots!

And I plan on making homemade baked fries with skins on! Potato logs!

Trying new thangs!


I kept skins on! All the thangs! (Not the onion)

Once the tators are near done, you can add cabbage, more peppers, celery, onion, salt n spices

It’ll smell divine

It’s soup fit for a king 👑

I’m carefully adding MORE cabbage

Don’t spill a drop!

It’s almost done and you can add more salt and pepper but once I put mine in a bowl it does not need anything else but I literally could add salt and pepper until I was dead

I also carefully added dark red kidney beans because the heart needs!!!

And this is the end result of hard work and love

Several bowls and will last several days in a fridge if eating alone (unless you go hog wire)

I didn’t add any jalapeño sauce or cheese or extra salt or pepper or anything afterwards but it probably could use any of those things and make it taste even better


I’ve also been drinking this tea and I recommend it or any version that is a healthy version without the poison but it’s the ginger turmeric that helps inflammation/heart/gut health

I gotta start using the real stuff

Coffee and tea and soup. It’s like my soul purpose.

I made Vegan oatmeal protein balls and I’ll do an upcoming blog post and how to make those! Simple! Easy! Maybe 20 minutes from prep to finish!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙌

I reactivated my Insta but with boundaries 🤪

My awesome hot pants workout set will be arriving Friday! They shipped it out same day! 🎃

The vegan treats are worth sticking around for and don’t let the word vegan scare you. PROTEIN BALLS 🤤

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  1. It’s nice tweaking the ingredients! Changes it up a bit! I kinda wanna do a spicy chicken vegetable version (or beef) this fall. But I’m getting ready to do a penne pasta soon! Still have a green head of cabbage and may fry it up with some rice! I stay hungry! 🤪

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