Study Finds Men Want Love With Prostitutes

Are Men Looking For Love With Prostitutes?
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It’s all been conditioning – these men have been buying sex since children

And now children can see and buy sex toys – toys aren’t behind a black curtain….

The Devil’s society…

Give it time, LGBT will have an orgy in the street.

Porn has ruined man

They fall in love with an idea – and the porn industry repeats the same story throughout years – with all sex workers.

They need the girls in the pictures so much that they use “commoners” as fleshlights

“No one knows why” – ahem bullshite it’s porn

Porn segregates us from unity, imprinting

Well – these boys are exposed to porn at a very young age and it imprints on them.

And image is important to them – gaslighting – so the Church offers a safe haven for these demons – who want us paying for their housing and meals.

They disassociate when they use porn so it’s like they become a completely different person and that’s why there’s no remorse when they do the shit that they do to you

They have an addiction created by the enemy to break up the traditional family value home – all while the immigrants take throne during “yellow fever”

Suicide is a top leading cause of death worldwide

Porn is the gateway drug to ruin

It could be easily censored like they do my free-speech

All the little commoners who get on onlyfans, they just use us up like they do in the real world 

Most anyway

OnlyFans say most users loose out – it’s only the top folks with value (society is the Titanic)

They steal money from users too

And as much as I love blogging, I don’t want to continue paying the enemy

Pay to play

I’d rather die than give the state another penny

And I can’t even visit Orlando without having to pay four tolls to return and they aren’t cheap anymore 

It’s the same fucking county, but I have to pay to return to the city I’m registered to live in.

Florida is gone

Overrun with evil and immigration

I mean immigrants get here and naturalize faster than we can even procreate or vote 

Native Americans were doing just fine here until my bloodline was nearly wiped out by the fucking immigrants that you say bring so much greatness to our country

I fantasize about dying by suicide in terrible and terrifying ways

I know you’re a nihilist and do not care what happens to me…

”To be seen and not heard” while man destroys everything

But as long as we are making him a meal and doing everything for him

While he jerks off to the pretty women prostitutes

And by telling a man not to fall in love with you, they probably absolutely fucking do fall in love with these prostitutes (not commoners)

Because even the guys without any teeth, think they deserve a ten star 

And I’ve never been rated a 10 or treated with any value

Lots of marriage proposals though 


3 responses to “Study Finds Men Want Love With Prostitutes”

  1. And they were conditioned a long time ago to be like this. I’ve spoke with many men who say their own father’s took them to a prostitute when they were 10 years old or supplied nude magazines to them because they didn’t want them to “be gay” propaganda

    Now they are confused about their sex, violent monsters, in love with an idea.

    And men who buy their wives, beat them. Even the exotic desired ones.

    We all get treated like DIRT.

    Well, except a few…


  2. The thing that’s bothering me the most is not only are they taking care of the porn stars but they’re taking care of the prostitutes


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