Heaven’s Gate ~ Spoken Word Poetry

Written, recorded, and edited in my home studio

Heaven’s Gate is where Earth meets the sky
I’ll get there if I try
Forever searching for a hello or goodbye
Only finding time to cry

These mountains I stumble and crawl
Every day for you I fall
Gathering mistakes for monuments standing tall
You’re my favorite of them all

I’ve never gone to open mic night or sang karaoke due to my terrible stage fright!
I’ll be attempting an “open mic night” on my Twitch TV channel soon!!
Elite rhyming poetess (I live and breathe poetry and have a taste for rhyme)
I didn’t record this spoken word with my phone so please hit the like button if you enjoyed the poem or the spoken word!!! Equipment used: Epiphone amp, Digital Reference microphone, Mac computer, Garageband, my blood, sweat, time and tears!! Hit the like button for God sake (or drop me a comment, I love those)!! =)
Heaven’s Gate MP3 Cover art

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15 responses to “Heaven’s Gate ~ Spoken Word Poetry”

  1. It would be really cool to have my own band for spoken word but for now I use GarageBand in my studio. The music & elements have been added. I’m kind of like the singer in the band… Thanks!

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  2. Ahh thanks! I didn’t actually play the guitar on this one! But this is very similar to my style of playing, strumming and picking. I hope it’s not too much of a letdown because I plan to add drums and stuff to future recordings! And this sort of editing is time-consuming and challenging! I’m self-taught! I wish I could play instruments but I can’t and I wish I had a band but I don’t! I play a tiny bit of guitar but my specialty is writing rhyme! 🙂

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  3. Same. I play what I can (acoustic guitar) and have been layering poetry over it, and trying to add GarageBand instrumental layers is definitely time consuming to get it right. Keep it up!

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  4. That’s awesome! I’m pretty certain they have additional elements that you can add and I’m going to go explore that soon. It’s fun but frustrating. But also because of my brain injury I’ll mess up words and have to re-record just because I pronounce something wrong or the wrong word entirely or my throat will crack or the dog will bark, it’s always something haha! To be honest my guitar needs new strings. And I need new fingers. If you add the element you want first, and then loop it, I had a 2-count in, then hit record, the countdown starts and then the element will play and so you can record along with it (just like you would if you were with a band). I’m sure you know this- this might be for people who are reading- but I also like to just practice performing my spoken word while having the guitar and the drums going. I might do this when I go live on Twitch because having that background noise gives me something to focus on instead of my stage fright (and it’s obviously not noise but I mean Trent Reznor started out doing this shit when he didn’t even have a band)… I want to get better at performing my spoken word and memorization and having the music will help me. I kind of have an idea in mind how I want the beats to sound, and I search around for that, and adjust settings, ect. I need a crew I know. Let’s hang. But essentially GarageBand is my band. LOL 🙂

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  5. I loved it, the quality is definitely more smooth than a phone. And you looked good in the pictures,matched the poetry

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