His Kingdom

I once could feast on him but only from afar
There are continents that separate our hope
His smooth head has been polished by time
I long to run my fingers over his kingdom
But my feet are not wanted on his land
That doesn’t stop the stars falling every night for his love
The moon perched on fantasy
His poems are auras in my soul
God made it so
The storms he brew in me
Where will the rain fall now?
Who will wash your feet?
The way I’ve done after you’ve murdered me
An outcast for mercy
Forgiveness I cried
Gullibility my only ally
The gardens do not grow the way they used to
Not since he banished hope
All welcome but you need not apply
You’re not worth my time
The moment I died

My halls are haunted now
By dreams that never came
And all the things we could have done
Are all that do remain

© Delia Ross. 2020

His poems are auras in my soul

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