The Last Flower

I am an open grave / Or a wound for you to play

Surrounded by howling winds
Heavy rains as regret
Your dreams as my silhouette
Your sins as my sins

Been resting with the lights on
Not getting any sleep though
Living in a hostile zone
Better approach me slow

Your hand may be cold but you woke me from the dead
Your whisper I can’t hear but your words live in my head

Push them away I do
Then seal the door shut with a nail or two
Not made for you

Still they accrue
The no’s, the warnings, it isn’t new
I’m turning blue

The balance is off
The pendulum tipped
We’re slaves to the 1 percent

The only redemption it all will burn
The good, the evil, all is done
Prayer won’t stop things to come

I’m always writing and it’s rather frightening

Lost every single thing we had
From a fire that seem to spread
No point in blaming whose more dead

How can you say those things to me in private
While ignoring me in the public eye
I don’t like it
Your trust is a lie

They don’t understand the sanctity of marriage
How the other person’s soul is a carriage
They only want to cage any heart they manage
They have no remorse for the things that they damage

Finding someone worth loving is a needle in a haystack


Waiting for you to make your move
Wondering how your next play will improve
Did your mistake stick you like glue
Into another’s arm’s you flew
Do you know that you can fuck yourself too?

I’m never visiting your blog again and I donated your book to the bin

She misses you while the other is warm
I no longer care who is on your arm
The fundamental constants you only bring harm
You seem like a prince but it’s only fake charm

The ways of the world ain’t right
The 1% built a world of greed and fright
The poor chained with no voice to fight

You stepped into my event horizon
I swallowed you like lava risin’
Got sick of all the compromising
Signals fired with no replying
Your tongue is black and good for lying

As you watch your view count slowly drop
Unless Instagram brings you more fame than you thought?
But I am gone with nothing bought
I came with nothing and left with naught

There’s nothing on the TV
I ever want to watch
I’m feeling fairly empty –
And I drank all of his scotch

Others think I’m winning
I’m crying ’round the clock
Enemies always leeching
Thieving in a flock

Look at all the cum stains
The mind games

You say I don’t care enough
I call your bluff
Pushing and pulling
Your hand is rough
I don’t like it tough

I start out right but slowly drift to wrong
I know how to forgive but it never lasts me long

You’re the sole proprietor of fucking up my life
You should have aborted me with a knife
Instead you cause me decades of strife
I’m thinking of ending my life tonight

She’s a hypocrite
To be two-faced you won’t need a permit
The road is lined with her endless bullshit
I’m over it!

The more I come together, the more I fall apart

If only we practiced the art of love instead of war
If only I were the girl you were searching for

Wake me from the dead
Meet me under ethereal sky
In the twilight
Because you’re the starlight

Our love is indivisible
The dreams I’m living for
I find you beautiful
Your opals I adore

Bury me deeply where you bleed
Plant me near your sacred seed
Leave, but know you’re all I need
Follow holy signs or let me lead

Do you collect my broken parts?
Are they keepsakes in your heart?

I hope my enemies stay off of my grave!

We always regret we don’t have more time
If only I had…
We could’ve…
I should of…

But we don’t.
Or we won’t.
No matter how sad.

There’s a halo around the moon
A sign you’ll see me soon

Mountains have limits
They come in sharp peaks
Piling up my guts to flee it
You won’t find me here in weeks

The last flower in me died
I sat for hours and I cried
Watched the sun burn gold
With eyes that only spied

The last flower in me tried
It spread its petal far and wide
But the sun disappeared and I’m old
It’s simply time for me to hide

© Delia Ross. 2020

Now posting videos of me practicing my guitar and singing on Instagram. A first. I never play or sing in front of anyone. Sacred parts of me. I’m also awful. That may account. 🎃

I’m also on LinkTree so you can find me on the web easier. (It’s been made known to me that people are stealing or using my ideas without so much as even giving me a courtesy of a like or my blog a follow. That is intellectual theft and plagiarism. I don’t mind being a muse for you but the least you could do is follow my blog or like the post that inspired you. I have copyright laws posted here for a reason and WordPress is a publishing site so everything I publish here is backed by copyright law. If you are using me as a muse, would you at least consider joining my Patreon for $1 or joining the donation tier? When I tell you that I’m at risk of becoming homeless again and that I can’t afford to eat, I’m not lying to you. I can’t even afford to buy alcohol or weed to numb the fucking pain of existence and I’m depressed and suicidal. 👍👍

Now posting videos of me practicing my guitar and singing on Instagram. A first. I never play or sing in front of anyone. Sacred parts of me. I’m also awful. That may account.

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