Iron Heart

Stumbled into his garden
A fragile girl mostly harden
Thin and frail and starving
One solid heart full of iron
So heavy it weighed like a burden
Crushing life before it started

Overturned broken signs
Switching lanes, crossing lines
Extinguishing light from which it shines
Breaking walls and eating lies

Words thrown over the highway
Red flags which claim foul play
Went inside despite what they say
Hit my soul now heavy they do weigh

Words which branded my soul
Flame kept burning and now I glow
Replaced the grey with a rainbow
Whispered loudly I am not your foe
Stepped on traps looking at his photo

Words to go with a face
Never want to leave this place
Broken glass to accompany the lace
Even if I could I’m too wounded to escape
I still love him no matter the mace
Could care less what is locked in his case

© Delia Ross. 2019

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