For Your Eyes Only

Friendship shouldn’t be a challenge
Honesty will keep you well balanced

I know you like charm
But you fill it with malice

Standing proud
Like you are the tallest

But inside a monster
Simply hardened and calloused

With a river of lies
Flowing down from your chalice

Empty and cold
And a waste of your talent

Gifting others pain
Your proudest gallop

Acting as if everything is always so passive

Knowing fully well
You were playing in my ashes

Treating me like I’m just someone in the masses

Killing my heart simply like an assassin

Acting like me showing you love was a curse
You’ll come to find going without is much worse

Keeping secrets locked behind a screen
Hiding from the one who would have loved you unclean

You can say that your eyes are open and serene
But underneath you are plain cold and just mean

© Delia Ross. 2019

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