I fell, I stumbled hard
I completely fucked up his yard
And then I posted guard
Giggling and prancing about
Mostly being quiet but then I’d randomly shout
Can’t you see my sorrow or that I’m filled with doubt
And then I thought I heard some spoken word
It may have been a dream it may have been a bird
No no no I know what I heard
And further more I’d lose the road
As more and more his words had flowed
And less and less my step had slowed
Different voices with many tones
With different sorrows and different bones
And various speeds and different zones
My soul entranced, my heart felt home
And under his tree my mind did roam
Perhaps to places that weren’t my own
And maybe seeing things I shouldn’t have
Because even though I see I never did ask
But under his sun I remain and bask
And would you know one day I saw his eyes
I saw his lips I heard his lies
And I cared not about his disguise
I saw through it all I was paralyzed
And I remained though cut down a size
I make mistakes and get chastised
And fear expulsion from his garden
His lips have left me hopeful yet starvin’
And into his tree I keep carving
A spell for him and a spell for me
And into the hours I continue to dream
I just hope his eyes can see what I see
And I do only wish him the very best things
And to give him the space to spread his wings
There’s a river of love from where he sings
I can be the stone from which he springs
I wish he knew how much happiness he brings

© Delia Ross. 2019

10 thoughts on “Confessional

  1. I don’t know him …but I know there are different kinds of hearts …..
    I know that I have been intimidated by the intensity of someone before ..
    And so very much wished that they could have communicated in a much simpler way at first , to build the trust , so as be able to swim the depths without the fear …….
    But the passion in your words are appreciated ….
    I am trying to find mine again …..

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  2. it hurts when hearts get tangled up where limits keep them tied , I know this one personally . But if you can , allow your heart some room to breathe , just for the sake of breathing…… I know it isn’t an easy thing ….. I have days , that I just …..well… I don’t do every well….

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