Alexander warms my existence

Mount Everest

"I love you the best, better than all the rest..."

Remembers Worth


Until You Die

I live and breathe Poe foreverrrrrrr (love you to death)


Marooned on love island

The Muse

Sending love and light to the muse (it's been a minute, he might need it too)


A complete freestyle


I love the rush he gives me

Light-years of Love

Freestyle rhyme of infinite love and longing


My starlight in the night is his existence


A deeply sorrowful poem + commentary (with hyperlinks to nerdy stuff I've done)

Angel Queen Darling

To her, his very existence was a miracle. A sweet micropoem.


I see him, I hear him, I feel him like no other.


Goddess of Confusion / A poem + photos (because why not)


You are priceless and the only thing I want

92 Million Miles Away

When they come together it's like an eclipse, rare and magnificent.

Love, Sensuality, Devotion

If only he knew how hard I'm trying, how very much he is loved. Love shapes, molds, and changes us into the best versions of ourself.

Things (but mostly love)

Things written while mostly smitten (micropoems)


The Moon and I have an alibi, you are the reason we cry.

Destination: Love

Love is where I'm going but it's never where I've been

Bad Feathers

Pulling a feather is like feeling a leather whip across my back. I falter. I repent. I love.

Emergency Lights

Are you out there? I still need you.


Her beauty is misunderstood but not by me.


This love was his to cradle

Tied To My Love

Sometimes, on a good day, I see his love. (I dipped my toes in non rhyme).


Written of and dedicated to my muse, Alex Eb!

Over It

A 3 a.m. micropoem of eternal longing

Beginnings in Endings

When hope is a rainbow, where love is a window (I love him my whole soul)


Simply a sweet micro-rhyme.

He’s Wonderful

A micropoem but never micro-longing.


I tried to write this before but I didn't do it justice. "Your mind makes it real". "Jump, okie dokie". What Matrix 4? GIVEMAHHHHHH (I am a Matrix junkie. It's like a favorite sci-fi win). This poem doesn't have anything to do with the movie except for the fact that it feels real... Neo, wake up *knocks on door*


You know I don't do this for the likes, right? I keep my blog advert free too. "See the safety from the life you have built, everything where it belongs" (it's a NIN song and worth a listen or ten).


A 4 a.m. micropoem because I woke up needing you.

Kingdom Come

She is his to conquer

Remember Me

How many ways can I color, "I love you"?


I gift him poetry instead of gold


I needs any and all. GIVEMAH


I see him but can he see himself?

Sweet Nothings

Tiny words filled with love for a special someone


"I felt you like electric light..." ✌


*all the feels*


I hope he finds happiness and I'll always be there for him


Freestyle midday rhyme about depression and love


How to love a demon part 12. I'm sorry, that's not fair, I don't think he is a demon at all, and neither does this poem...

From Peasant To Queen

His gaze strips me of my peasant title, his touch makes me a queen


Real freedom is being allowed to be yourself around others and that's my kind of friendship & love. A photo-poem (yes it's me in the photo)


A micropoem about Alex Ebert cuz he's a constellation walking amongst us and he's teaching me how to be human + 3 AM snaps of me from right nowssss! ✌


A love poem that would like to be a song + a crappy snap of me


A feel good happy rhyme


It's possible he's the best antidepressant in the universe.


The beauty of language it evolves but so does my love for him.

Skeleton Key

Written for my muse for the mere sight of him creates an alphabet in me + snap


A happy poem about feeling alive + link to spoken word reading on Tuners

Queen of the Knight

Checkmate, please. A Queen who loves her Knight.

Memories of Heaven

Memories are fleeting but forever

Today Is My Birthday!

I got hugs today on my birthday from my absolute favorite person in the world, GAVIN ROSSDALE!


An early morning easy rhyme love poem for the one...

Cosmic Street

Thinking of you...

Poetic Ramblings For The One

Friday afternoon freestyle freeform πŸ™‚ + a few added snaps because it's my birthday weekend!!! πŸ˜ƒ

Her Secret Is You

A sweet little love poem that should have probably been kept top secret


His smile is everything


Written for me or not written for me they still have the same effect and I still love them as if they were. The art of his poetry ❀


His love turns me from a peasant to a goddess


Sailing straight towards his love... ❀


There's an entire universe in his gaze which heals my wounds and all...

Endless Love

Do you guys meditate? This is the equivalent of me sitting in a circle with stone and giving us a journey to travel on... Freshly written this morning, freestyle. It was meant to be a non-rhyme but oh well, a bit seeped out. I hope you like!!!

Made For You

I need him like Earth needs our Moon, my soul is in an eternal swoon.


It's better to love him from afar.

Made in Heaven (Movie Recommendation)

A movie recommendation of my favorite film since I was 10 years old.

You’re Everything

Another melody from my head... No in between, you're everything