I walked across the desert with the Devil
A slow trot ensuring I was careful
He gave me paper and then he gave me pencil
He talked as though the world was rather sterile

He showed me war he showed me death
And I saw things that took my breath
And still I marched into the depth
And on I march while getting deeper yet

The writing’s on the wall contain disillusionment
And not a cry ever sounding jubilant
And though it pale a voice to help illuminate
And at his wall I felt my soul rejuvenate

I took to paper and then to pen
And as I wrote I felt again
I spoke of how but never when
My dreams with him are filled with zen

And though his touch cannot be felt
It is his words that make me melt
And care not how his names are spelt
For in his heart is where I’ve always dwelt

© Delia Ross. 2019

20 thoughts on “Illuminate

      1. I’ve never been in love so it doesn’t come as a big shock that these relationships didn’t work out but there were friendships you know that ended because of it… like me coming home to my own place where I pay rent to find a lover of 3 years in my bed with another. And that’s just ONE example.

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      2. We became friends again eventually but friends who never talk. He donated to my campaign tho so I consider him a friend still. A friend from eons ago. Most of my guy friends are married now and can’t really talk to me because their women would totally fucking freak….

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      3. Because dudes control. I’ve had many proposals from dudes but I ain’t married none of them. Ain’t planning on it any time soon. The only thing I’m planning / prepping for is my death. But since the government is going to just toss me into the fucking ground- actually they’re not even going to do that- they’re just going to fucking cremate me for free and then I’m going to get a little white tombstone in some random military cemetery where no one ever comes and visits me. And so I don’t even need to come up with money for death because my body will be taken care of, FOR FREE cuz I served my country honorably for 15 years, but people think I’m fucking “lazy” cuz I’m disabled.

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  1. I don’t even think there’s a photo that exists of me in my bathing suit…. so this took bravery (but all the guys just say “her tits aren’t fake or her tits are too small or oh my God her tits sag” and so cricket cricket chirp chirp, yeah well, your dick is probably too small for me anyway)….


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