Hi: reminder

The COVID vaccinations DO NOT make you 100% safe from the virus. And here I was getting ready to toss my masks out, uh no.


But also, this vaccine only minimally protects you from the new, rapidly evolving strain of the Covid virus.

I hope they don’t expect us to start getting this annually like the damn flu shot.

Mark my words they will.

(This pandemic is fucking manmade and 9/11 was an inside job).

Paranoid soldier? Yeps.

But just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean I’m not being followed or shadow-banned.


A good read👇👇👇


So I won’t be throwing away my masks or safety precautions any time soon.

This is end times my friend.

Pandemic life.

Heading in for Moderna dose 2 soonish – and this vaccine is only 94% effective against the COVID virus (and from my understanding only slightly effective from the rapidly evolving strain- I’d rather not toss out numbers, but I read something like 4%). Fuck 👀

Stay woke, stay safe.

Might be going back flaming orange red soon- if I can give more time for the black to fade from my fine, silky threads. Those roots showing mean my hair is growing longer – woo hoo. Y’all just gonna have to deal with my bed head look a bit longer. But summer is for shades, scarfs, and hats!!!! I live in hell! Gonna start using my umbrella for the SUN! DUH!!!

Umbrellas in the Sun! It’s the end of the world!!!

And y’all noticed how everything is connected and follows similar patterns?

We ain’t the only galaxy that has evolved life.

Porn and religion are the same entity.

The NWO run the world.

Our world leaders talk often of the NEW WORLD ORDER.

Open your mind/ears.


Knock knock

Neo, the door

(So to sum things up, I’m still in quarantine awaiting dose two of the Covid vaccination and this does not mean I will be completely safe or immune from catching Covid or the rapidly evolving new strain, so I’m not gonna throw my masks away and neither should you- should you get vaccinated).

Sending light

Trinity out

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2 responses to “Hi: reminder”

  1. Bada boom the VA mentioned “booster shots” today so I was nail-on-head! Booster shots for the rapidly evolving strains you know and so big Pharma can make the money back they lost from weed going legal and anti-vacciners!


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