Down in the mines (lots of rhymes + 1 haiku 💋)

Sometimes there are none
But rarely ever few
Sometimes they are one
Or maybe simply two

Sometimes I go numb
When only counting you
But only when I’m dumb
Do I really catch the view

How dare he –
Walk into the devil’s den –
And insult she –
He’s looking for an end!

He tells me I’m perfect; without ever saying the words
And even when I’m not worth it; his love will come in herds

I scream at him with the fury of a sun
I scratch and claw
He is a demon
After all

There are people trying to bury me in a box
Friend or foe
They’re never what I thought
The story goes
They talk a lot of talk
Well I unplugged
Am paranoid around the clock

There are monsters lurking every inch
And forward sleeping
Nightmares in my grip
What were you thinking
When giving me a pinch?
So now I’m left dreaming
Of when I’ll never give a shit!

Who are you then?
If every reason I’m not dead?

Knock knock
Who’s there?
I dunno
And I don’t care

She had a graveyard in her front yard

Was it worth it?
Losing your life to escape?

And all that gold around your worry
Is that really what it takes?

But even the lowest of lowly
Can’t remove the aches

Keeping vision blurry
No courage had to face

The sun is glaring in a hurry
And death is on our race

If life is but a scurry
Please let me die with grace?

I’m trying to be more open
Open to proceed
I’m trying to be more open
Open to receive

What he said
But he’s dead

Everybody burns out
Everybody burnt out
Everybody burns out
Everybody burnt out

Rest is for the weary
Broken down and dreary
Vision not too clearly

One day the end will come
God will fix what man has done

A bigger piece doesn’t always mean the best;
But in his case, he’s outdone the rest!

He wants me in denim
But then he’s clinging
To my tongue
That’s leaking venom

World is all burning
So give me balloon in sky
On string with fire 💋

I gather nuts and bolts just like they’re little clues
Now fleeting with the stars thoughts that will confuse
I gather up our fears just like it is the news
I color out of line simply to amuse

Submission without admission
Ascending to attention
But in case I fail to mention
Descension brings dimension

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

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