Nailed it

Got that mad look in my eye like Poe

Actually, I’ve recently learned how to take a “portrait photo” (where the background is blurry) and Poe has his eye on me.

Ignore the freckles, kisses from the Sun.

They don’t feel like kisses though, they feel like radiation burns because that’s what they are, so please keep Vampy in the shade.

And anyway, you’re not supposed to take a portrait in “selfie mode” but I’m sick to fuck of following rules.

I’m that program in the Matrix doing what it’s not suppose to be doing, that’s why big bro keeps putting the fucking Berlin iron fucking wall up on me.

1984 is now and I am being driven mad out of me mind dying in the street kind of madness

I get to start using the term “homicidal” if I ever answer my therapist call again.

Because I’m so ready for the cops to knock on my door and take me away to the funny farm without my permission.


One response to “Nailed it”

  1. This is just a practice shot, I don’t even know why I’m sharing it, I just have been avoiding my therapist for like three or four weeks now, I don’t know I’ve lost fucking count and blogging about my woes first thing in the morning has become a ritual


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