Show me a sign šŸ¦„

The trail has run cold
I am burning midnight
In a purgatorial loop
Exhausting my sins

For truth
Any clue of you

I am the guardian of all secrets
But your curse makes me the weakest

I am etching on the walls of hell
You are where I fell

Still, my eyes trace no color, all is black
All I have are memories of a life I lack

One by one the stone will lift
You got the other piece to fit?

Every night a new star is born
To cover sorrow where love has formed

Iā€™m searching for you in comets
Over empty dreams and promise

My hope has formed cobblestone
But tears are all that I have sown

I know your hues of red and blue
So I keep searching for you

Any redshift or blueshift
So alone in space I drift

Tugging on your gravity
Forming like a galaxy

Do I shine?
Can you give me a sign?

Ā© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

I love you wherever you are šŸ’•

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