Censorship VS Transparency

See, this is why I already like the Twitch platform and I do plan to start using it more once I get my master bedroom set up the way I want and move my TV and my gaming system and everything back here

I’ve been getting hit on Instagram about my posts not being seen by other users because of my background music – so thank you Twitch for letting me understand what Big Bro has been doing to my account.


Instagram has become a dreadful platform to use. Not only do I have to worry about my content being erroneously reported or having to fight the algorithm bots, but now I’m dealing with even more censorship because of the background music I chose to be playing when I’m dancing or working out.

Street teaming was once glorified and now you get in trouble for it literally!!!!

It’s nice to see though that Twitch is actually upset that Big Bro is messing with peoples accounts like that even though this isn’t Instagram or Facebook, it’s Twitch.

But it also means not every company or app is bowing down to Big Bro.

My new free OF is still pending – and I intend to start using Twitch to livestream more – even for the nights I’m gaming. I had Twitch set up with my computer in my home studio but when I did my poetry livestream, the audio was cutting in and out – but not during the performance, I could only hear the technical issues after. It wasn’t an issue with my mic.

I don’t really know what I’m doing and I have a brain injury so when something goes wrong I get stuck and I don’t have anybody to help me. 😏

Unless I am selling you a product on Instagram, Insta has made sure I become obsolete.

“We believe they used automatic tools to scan”

Yup!!! No god damn privacy! We’ve moved into an actual Hitler state and 1984 is now but you can go get a free donut at Krispy Kreme for just obeying!!!!

It’s hip, it’s cool to peer pressure somebody into doing something that they don’t want to do or to steal someone else’s ideas and copy them!!! Bullying is okay because it’ll become a TikTok that has gone viral!

It’s no wonder all the good people like me are going unhinged and taking all you motherfuckers out!

I hope to watch the next shootout with a livestream at the next one with my little fucking cheerleading outfit and a goddamn stick on a pole cheerin the motherfuckers

Woo hoo you got another!!!!

The entire morning shift!!!!

Go you!!!!

And look at you not even messing with the fucking law, you didn’t even care about the cops, you knew cops were gonna take you out, you were going to get as much of the motherfuckers that pissed you off on the morning shift!!!

You are now my effing hero!!!

I’m going to start sensationalizing the fucking gun shooters!!!

Woo hoo yee hawwwww!!!!

1984 is now and I’ve been ridiculed and silenced by the same system I fought to protect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Twitch for having the little guy’s back!!!! I love you!!!!!!!

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