When you wanna rip his book in half but it’s too fucking fat and you only have half a functioning heart πŸ’”



I was King Kong destroying his kingdom and then I got a request to go live and do spoken word.

People go live to put rubber bands around 2 liter bottles and gallons of milk – so I guess I could go live to read some of my poetry πŸ‘€

Or maybe to finish ripping the pages from your book πŸ‘€

I got a paper cut doing so πŸ‘€

You fucking hurt me again πŸ‘€

Guess I gotta wear battle rattle to complete the task πŸ‘€

Gotta give it my all to rip out a few πŸ‘€

Iron fucking pages πŸ‘€

How do you think Edgar faired in his end?

How am I doing? πŸ‘€


Nope still here πŸ‘€

Fully awake and aware I’ve lost my mind πŸ‘€



Look at all the hearts it is getting πŸ‘€

People like seeing me fuck shit up πŸ‘€

Maybe there will be a part two πŸ‘€

Nearly died from torn pages πŸ‘€

The rage πŸ‘€

2 responses to “Torn”

  1. It was a struggle too! Tried to rip in half, that failed. I wanted to rip loads of pages out at a time. That failed. And the paper cut didn’t help the fury. First time ever book destroyer. Add it to my resume. πŸ˜‘

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