You are dog food = cheap with no value or nutritional value

If I stop following you and you block me, that’s okay.

I’m not gonna block you back.

I don’t even want to remember your fake ass username or how terrible of a person you really are.

The same people who punish me for getting sick for getting vaccinated are the same kind of people who would’ve locked me on the bottom of the Titanic and watched it sink in boats that could’ve held more people.

Instead of people wishing me get wells, I get ignored, unfollowed, or blocked.

“Everybody gone mad / everybody dog food” – Michael Jackson

I have underlining health issues like a lot of Americans and this vaccine could actually hurt them like it did me or all the teens and youths’s

The CDC and Big Pharma should have placed warnings in the beginning when they knew the risks but kept them from us

End of!

For the record, my heart swelled up, heart tissue got damaged, I was in a lot of pain.

I’m just now getting to a point where I’m not feeling agonizing pain on the daily.

I’ve already had multiple tests done on my heart, and I still have two stress tests pending that I don’t even want to do.

My heart has been under enough stress, thank you.

And the guys who come and go from my life virtually are no different from the guys who came and went in my life in my real world and they always did me dirty no matter how good of a fucking girlfriend I was to them (or friend), no matter how good of a sexual partner I was to them, no matter how well of a financial partner I was to them or how I supported them it was always the opposite for me and very degrading, every relationship was very very degrading because apparently most everybody is a fucking narcissist and all they care is about is using others to get ahead, friends, family, co-workers, they spare no one!

But I’m supposed to feel bad that they’re gone 🙄

It’s my fault, when people are bad to me 🙄

I deserve to be punished 🙄

I’ve had dudes break up with me because my tits weren’t fake 🙄

I grew up in a society where they shamed mother bodies

But now you can watch women breast-feeding on Twitter in a sexualized manner 🙄

Whereas, I would’ve had eggs thrown at me if I had ever breast-fed in public 🤨

Fuck y’all

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