Love in Secret ❤️

Love in secret
Like walking on the moon
Elated; but we won’t speak it
Tongue too swoon
What words befit?
Tell me high noon
Put them in orbit!

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

Uhm, he’s not bored of me yet and my double pigtails are getting long – I’ve also found that I’m treated nicer by everyone when I’m wearing them

I was taking up all the space at the grocery store today and I didn’t get yelled at not once, nor snickered at or rudely cursed.

Grandpa was extra nice

The lady shopper was nervously fidgeting with her short hair

The cashier accurately predicted I met my budget

And the young bagger did the best bag job I’ve ever had

I think I’m in a different timeline 👀

Look how long the pigtails are getting

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