My doc just called! Heart and lung damaged from Moderna vaccines! FYI: I’m still down

My doc just called and she told me that there is some fluid in the sac of my heart and she said it could be from the virus or something else (perhaps a blood clot) but she also said my lung looks like it’s having a hard time expanding on the left side and I told her I was having difficulty breathing and she is still waiting the results back for some tests but my heart and my lung is damaged

We haven’t discussed surgery yet but I imagine it’s a possibility if they need to remove the fluid buildup in my heart

But I have hope now because I’ve had a change in the intensity of the pain levels but I’m not in the clear yet and I’ve got this heart monitor strapped on me until July 29!

I also told my doctor that I didn’t really want to get the stress tests but that I would likely do the exercise one but I don’t know that I want to do the one where they pump you full of chemicals because I’m already in this mess because they pumped me full of chemicals and she did not fuss at me

So there’s that


I would just like to add, the only time I came in contact with the COVID-19 virus, was when I received both the Moderna vaccines

So just to sum things up, my heart and left lung were damaged receiving the Moderna vaccines

I nearly died getting the vaccines

I still could die

I believe it’s a miracle I still am alive

Still on bedrest fool! 😷

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  1. I miss life but I’m one of the few that is lucky to still be alive! It’s been a very HARD recovery but I mostly stayed in bed! Yuck! I had no idea the recovery time after getting vaccinated would be so long! But the CDC said a few weeks or more and withheld the warnings! Remember, I said I was on the front lines in the gutter? They’re starting to make it mandatory anyway. For what tho? To go back to a job with long hours and shitty pay and no rewards and to be a renter forever? People are checking out. Hitler is very much alive and running things! Stay woke! Fuck the mandates, your body, your choice! Education is a lie and just another word for programming! My last words will be warning you about the NWO/Illuminati, Big Bro, Big Pharma, Big Corp, free yourself! 48 hours free from people tracking me through ad campaigns! Get out of your local bubble!!!

    I’m in a battlefield! I’m down, I’ve been wounded! They got me in my heart and lung! Checkmate to the NWO! But checkmate for me because they haven’t killed me yet!!!!

    Thanks for the get wells! I’m hanging on by a thread but hibernating mostly!

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  2. I had no way to even prepare with all the gaslighting and peer pressure the CDC and Big Bro did… it’s been challenging being down this long!! Heart and lung damage and nobody to take care of me!


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