Are you a safety mirage?
Should I lay down a barrage?
Is there a chance to get caught?
Is that what heaven besought?

Are you someone I can feel?
Is this fantasy for real?
Are you fate or just thrill?
Is this why hell has stood still?

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

I’m so deprived and devoid of life, that even if he was a predator, I’d let him eat me! 😩

Or, maybe that’s just suicidal, welp 😩

Helps 😑

He said it’s just fantasy and they all tire of me quickly

Most take one look and run! 😫

I wish the need didn’t feel so real

I need him like air 👀

*dies on street* 😩

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I hope I can start rebounding again soon! Been down over 2 months! 😩

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