Yahoo is selling your personal information

Yahoo has a bunch of advertisement settings including this “sale my personal information” that was selected to yes without my permission

I never authorized this when I first started using Yahoo but they snuck in a lot of updates that you need to go check out. This was automatically selected as “yes” until I just discovered it and turned it off.

I don’t believe companies or apps should be allowed to choose yes for you when they include an update…

Most advertising is spam and just a way to control you.

Stay woke and turn off your advert settings everywhere! They are spying on you!!!! You don’t need adverts telling you what to buy!!! Wake up!!!!

Tell your friends!!

There are a bunch of settings regarding your privacy and advertising!!

Turn it off!!!

8 responses to “Yahoo is selling your personal information”

  1. You’re welcome! I hate these sneaky updates they do invading our privacy! All the advert settings were turned on too!! I never turned anything on and they shouldn’t be allowed to do this! Check your advert settings everywhere! Every app, and your phone!! Instagram keeps sneaking advert tracking in too! This is scary! And I have no idea how long Yahoo had been selling my info!!! 😡

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  2. Nobody is talking about how invasive it is to our privacy. I don’t want strangers or influencers knowing my every move. Nor do I need suggestive selling / mind control. We’re literally born for consumption. One way “The People” can regain power is by stopping them from tracking us through advertising!! Just say no!!!

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  3. We need to start putting our foot down! This is one way! Tell your friends to tell their friends! I promise you aren’t missing out on anything by having your settings say no! Take your privacy back! They don’t care about us!!

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  4. I never stopped being a Soldier and safety is number 1! People call me paranoid. Yep! 👍 But that doesn’t mean I’m not being followed or shadowbanned! They don’t want you knowing the things I’m telling you! 1984 is now!!!

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