Invasion of our privacy pt 2

They’re literally reading our private emails for suggestive selling – so they can PUSH advertising out to manipulate you to SPEND YOUR MONEY because taking your money is ALL they care about! You’re just a dollar sign!!

This is from Yahoo’s “How we use your data” policy

And analyzing our photos and private messages uggggg

They sell it to third parties

Is this why Spectrum harasses my mailbox daily to use their services? I will go offline before I ever submit. I’ve opted out of Spectrum but they still spam my mailbox.

So do the “your extended warranty is about to expire”

FYI, I turned Siri off.

I prefer my privacy over mind control.

I don’t need people telling me what to buy 24 hours a day of my life


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I’m not missing out on life by saying no to tracking

You’re giving the bogeyman permission to track you and you don’t know how honest these trackers are!!!!

Stay woke!!!

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