Corporations = mind control & big corp pay politicians (we’re slaves w/zero privacy)

So big brother and the illuminati is going to control information flow about politics but they won’t do anything about the corporations who are mind raping us and soliciting us for our business every second and every day of our life, with our phone numbers, our private addresses, and our IP addresses!

When is enough enough?

When does citizens have some fucking privacy? Huh? I thought this was the land of the fucking free, all I see is the land of the control me, tell me what to do, tell me what to buy, and I have no way to deny.

I have no way to stop my HOME PRIVATE ADDRESS from being riddled with junk mail, coupons, or soliciting.


My private life should be private from corporations trying to play on my emotions and talk me into what I’m gonna eat or what I’m going to buy next.

Most of the shit they send me is unhealthy and I’m not gonna touch it.

And it doesn’t matter if I would want to buy it or not, I should be able to opt out from my home address being spammed

My personal, private number too.

And if you have a home phone number, it means you will get political affiliation phone calls all the time and you can’t stop your phone from ringing and it was ringing off the hook because all these politicians want you to vote their way or vote their agenda or vote for them (it’s fucking ridiculous) and their agenda is what Big Corporations want. They get donations remember? Can we say, conflict of interest!

I had to get rid of my home number because I couldn’t get any peace of mind from the phone calls

And even though I’m going to the website of businesses to opt out of communications from them, I’m still getting it…

Just waiting for the cops to show up to my door so I can explain to them why I’m unhinged and making empty threats to “burn it down”. It’s a metaphorical threat but the lady on the other end of the phone probably didn’t catch that even though I was stating directly afterwards that I was going to go to the news

She said she’d take it up with the marketing team

It probably went straight to the FBI

1984 is now


Dropping loads of rants today though, on my TikTok!

Not one damn birthday card, and Spectrum is a trigger (again not an actual trigger, an emotional one)

If they try to take me away to the funny farm without my fucking permission though, I will wind up on the top o’clock news or dead

Heart can’t take much more stress

It’s time for bb to retire on the street

Bedy byee

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