Random acts of kindness

Went thrifting today & a lady donated me $20 when she overheard me talking to an employee about being a disabled vet. I broke social distancing (with a mask) to hug a stranger.

She said something told her I needed it.

Spent $5 on food & $15 is going towards my land I’m saving for.

Grabbed this little number

It was nice because I had been given a voucher to go shopping, so the stuff was free that I was picking out.

And then this lady dropped me a $20

I scored a very nice pair of black heels, size 6. I’m petite. Aside from a little dust, they looked like they’d never been worn.

They probably didn’t fit the original owner and now they fit my little feet.

Most women I know are like a size 8 or nine in comparison.

I haz little feet and toes ๐Ÿฃ

Grabbed a nice long flowing skirt meant for beachwear

So overall scored some nice finds at the thrift

Everything was free

Scored twenty bucks too

God rewarded me for something


A little belated birthday present from the uni

Took a minute to arrive

And maybe a sign and jump start to get that land

I don’t think the uni wants me under this cracked ceiling either ๐Ÿ‘€

They said in six months I’d be eligible for another clothing voucher so I guess I’ll be taking another treasure hunt to the thrift

I actually do love thrifting and it’s been a minute since I’ve been able to have disposable income so I take the bones when the uni throws them

All thanks goes to the Salvation Army and the nice stranger who donated me twenty bucks

I’ll pay it forward when I can start growing some food on my land and I’ll share it with the homeless

I’m saving for an acre minimum

It’s doable

I’ve set a goal

And goals are needed in the big raceway of life

I really love random acts of kindness

Go out there and help somebody

We’re in end times

Give love ๐Ÿ’•

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