Basic freedoms gone, social credit system instilled

They took away our basic human rights and turned it into a social credit system

And if you’re OK with watching Drew Barrymore chitchat unmasked while the audience sits masked, then you’re part of the problem πŸ›‘

If you’re OK with children sitting masked all day at school but then getting to hang out in crowds all evening at the Super Bowl then you’re part of the problem βœ‹πŸ›‘βœ‹

They’ve implemented change after change over the years so that our policies have been effected so much to the point that our basic human freedoms are gone

This was planned

And this is a playbook they’re using, I have no doubts this is why civilizations have disappeared in the past

The vax and the virus is chemical warfare

I’m an expert in my field

And I’m a damn good combat medic who deployed into a combat zone for several months living in the desert with lizards, camel toe spiders, and scorpions

I survived one of the worst sandstorms in 50 years that Iraq had seen and I mean it was the first sandstorm I had ever even seen in my life and it still up today has been the worst πŸ‘€

The skies turned red, it rained red mud

Maybe I did die that day in war….

It’s everywhere, it’s on my step

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