The Feast! (journaling)

The food arrived! 🤩

A tiny learning curve using the Walmart Marketplace to shop for organic foods, but overall it was worth the delivery charge. I tipped my driver in cash. But went in and dropped him another $2 via the app. It’s a holiday, he did a good job. He got a 5* rating. And maybe an extra boost with the tip. It wasn’t a large extra – but hopefully the extra thumbs up was a mood boost. I’m trying out here tossing pennies around and shit (he got a fiver in cash).

I stretched it out. Even got a bag of limes for my water detox. Slurp.

The chicken was the main meat but I put all my eggs in a 3 pound pack and there were no substitute’s available. Shit out of luck. I cried lmao. So of all the things I ordered, the chicken was the only thing I couldn’t get.

Next time 2 or 3 small packs of different ones and thus substitutes might be available

And maybe not get the largest pack during a holiday without a backup if said item doesn’t arrive

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, it’s just like when you study really hard for a test and you still don’t make a 100

I can’t remember my teachers names but I can remember the grade

“What is wrong with me”

I went back and looked over the list of all the food that was arriving and was sound

I didn’t have to get out and drive

I didn’t have to worry about getting shot in the Walmart parking lot for taking someone’s spot accidentally or whatever

They took mine

I didn’t have to worry about anybody coughing on me or having to wear a mask

I didn’t have to waste time at a red light or worry about anyone running me over at one

I got same day delivery but chose a less busy, cheaper time slot

I like shopping online

Everything was packed with extra care

I did not send him down a bunch of aisles. Most of everything I needed was in the produce section, as well as store brands.

This was “delivery” not shipping. I wanted mainly fresh produce and dairy. Not canned goods nor junk food. There were no heavy ticket items or bulk items. But necessities and things folks would likely need for a holiday in general (to cook).

I had a tight budget going in and a checklist.

There were 4 items that required substitutions that I had an hour to approve. I approved right away (and sobbed momentarily behind closed doors about the “no substitutions for the chicken, we’re sorry”). So 4 subs & 1 unavailable.

But, his substitutions were amazing. My eggs were one of the subs, he did a great job. Everything subbed was the same price too. Even got the brown eggs.

I was impressed I was able to get as much essentials as I could on $50 (I spent a tad more but also got ACV). For detoxing & cleaning veggies.

Holy god 4 bags of dry beans, a bag of potatoes

18 pack of brown eggs

I’m thinking deviled eggs (a few), egg sandwiches, making cornbread/cake/brownies, tuna egg salad, stuffs

And no, there isn’t any onion onion but I did get green onion and some garlic heads

It’ll be on my burgers and eggs

Douse it like fire

I do love onion (and can put some in the burgers I wanna make or the beef steak with gravy)

I got some Turkey dogs! And fresh buns for everything

The pizza was under five bucks ($3.48 to be exact). I’ve been dying for a pizza!!! That’s a good deal!

You can still buy a fresh loaf of wheat bread for under a dollar, it’s a fucking miracle

Egg sandwich with cheese and onion nom

Buttered bread yeee

Excuse me I got to go

You can blame it on the food

It’s a holiday and I’m sharing with you what I’ll be eating (kinda) 🤪

I do have organic carrots and garlic and potatoes now tho (with broth and spices and green onion, soup is on the horizon)

I love to make homemade soups, casseroles and thingamabob’s

Oh my gah food

Excuse me

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