The backlog (mini poems)

It hurts
Coming into
And out of

Survival of the fittest

Loving and hating
In an instance

And passive resistance

I knew you’d listen
Sit and solemnly glisten
You ain’t a Christian

The Devil
He’s always got an ear
Curious what I’m doing here

But so persistent

I ain’t his assistant

Says dying’s a privilege
Though takes a village

I found it torturous
Living inside somebody else
Developing unwell
Hell was not a hotel

Well it sucks where he’s hung
Well it sucks where he’s home
Well it sucks and it’s wrong
13 years since he’s gone

I am microbes
Thinning lines
And cyclones
A child –
Of God though
I am poetry
I am his flow

He’s thorns
Pinched against blackness
His tongue adorns
The mood with madness
He comes with horns
It takes some practice
To leave without his scorns

Are you a poem?
A book open?
Or an arpeggio?
A pyroclastic flow?

His ship
Is parked near mine
Ill fated trip
We’ve lost our mind

With pistol grip
Attached through rhyme
No time to slip
Need to align

The first and the last
He doesn’t know loyalty
Heart in a cast
Heavens tears have no buoyancy

They were overheard
Discussing the context
Of my blade
The shape
By whom it’s made
Hanging from my back
But quick to display

I fucking hate this goddamn town / so I’m gonna stick around

I met the Devil once
During somnolence
No proof
In the form of documents

I know how important that must have meant…

Is the moon a projector
Projecting your love

Do you wanna move to Puerto Rico?
Price is right for the ego

His poetry is local to the firmament; just like the sunrise or the sunset…

Or fruit to ward off evil?

Β© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

Lord almighty someone sent me a donation and I just spent it all on food! 🀩

I’m talking fresh organic meats and produce! Scheduled to be delivered today! And I don’t even have to worry about anybody stealing it because I have to sign for it! Now the delivery charge was more than what I was making when I was working as a Lyft and Uber driver but…

My wheels are down – but apparently the Walmart marketplace now delivers! And – because I received such a nice donation, was able to purchase my food for the month!

I’m not ashamed to say that I have been living month to month off of food donations from the church pantry and the Salvation Army, which I can no longer get to because my wheels are currently down, so this donation just allowed me to be able to buy some food and have it delivered!!

I bought the part I needed for my ride! I’m only 19 no’s away from finding someone to help me fix it finding the courage to fix it myself.

The good news is, I did fix my bike!

But, we almost got killed riding yesterday. A car nearly wiped us out. Despite me waiting for the traffic signal to signal and flash WALKING.

Surprisingly, she turned around and came back

“Are you alright”

“Yes but that was scary. Thank you for coming back and checking on us”

“That was close” she said

She was a young driver and probably will be much more careful coming through traffic signals from now on because she nearly took out a girl and a dog on a bike

I told my dog that she was not a demon because she came back to check on us and I know that was hard for her to do

I guess we had a guardian angel looking after us because she was flying

It didn’t matter that I had the right away and I even waited a second to make sure there wasn’t any traffic but

Food is incoming

Chicken. Turkey. Beef. Milk. Bread. Eggs. Cheese. All the things! 🀩

The things I never get from food donations (rare).

I don’t know what you wanted me to spend my money on but food is absolutely a priority and a necessity in my life and not junk food.

My dog is also happy and behaving extremely well for bike rides and soon-to-be good homecooked eating

I’ve been deep cleaning my apartment because my name is on the lease and I’m not going anywhere because God wants me in the Lions den

I discovered that there are a lot of churches in the nearby vicinity that maybe I could start riding my bike to

After all, this broken heart of mine has already walked 5 miles in the last couple weeks

We live in hell and I don’t trust any of these assholes because they would jump you

Two people just got arrested out here where I live and one of the guys was out here yelling that the other guy was a pedophile

I think it was two children though that got arrested because they were trying to defend themselves you know because they were being threatened to have their fucking lives demolished by the psychotic adults

“I got it on film” he yelled

And the weekend is just getting started so who knows who else might get arrested

I’ve opened up all my windows for maximum effect

“Do not fear”

M’kay but like… Why did you make every aspect of life threatening?

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