Health nut (fitness & diet)

Checked out an organic shop today and used that belated birthday donation for some good foods

Also got a fitness session in today and went live on the TikTok during

My heart and body is struggling but enjoys and appreciates keeping up the ability to flee from the devil

I’m skinny as fuck and got mental health issues because apparently being skinny is a crime in society while 60% of the population is obese

The other push is for plastic surgery so the ass can be silicone BIG BRAZILIAN BOOTY

So if you’re not obese or thick you might as well jump off a fucking bridge…

Society is toxic. Be a weight you are happy with. I need some meat on the bone and I’m working on rebuilding muscle mass – but I still got stuff to work with.

It’s hard tho when guys are only interested in the fake plastic female bots who can’t even have a baby

Our enemy has destroyed the family value tribe and tradition from within

I also love this vegan nail polish, it’s so pretty, but the fan who got it for me for my birthday, unfollowed all of my accounts ๐Ÿคฉ

The organic goods (nommy)

Apparently this place has a deli and a salad bar and a juice bar so I’ll be back when I actually have five dollars to splurge

I’ve got some vegan dogs I need to grill, so picked up some buns, and a jar of peppers, because I like everything spicy. EVERYTHING

I’ll be making more soup, and got some stuff for tacos, cuz those are my favorite, and I just had a birthday and I don’t buy fake meat anymore (the dogs were a food bank donation)

I’m actually getting ready to try some new food banks that I haven’t been to and I’ll let you know how those go

I do like hitting them up for the canned goods

But I’ve been living on junk food and canned food my entire life and I’m now cooking everything from scratch again like my grandmother taught me – which is my purpose

I got some really good healthy wraps to try with the tacos – and I have chicken breast in the freezer that may go on the grill and in the wrap

So I haven’t quite settled on what I am going to do with the beef or the chicken yet

I still have sweet potatoes and big giant Idaho potatoes to cook up

I ignored the doctor about “no dairy, eat sugar” and got some cheese curds and milk

My body is responding well to the things I am giving it

I don’t need people driving me


Also we are electrical before we are chemical

It’s important to connect your feet to the earth and get sunshine on your skin during the good hours


The brain, the heart, ELECTRICAL

My chest has been pounding since I started rebounding and I’m coughing stuff up detoxing

But whatever I’m doing is working better than what the VA had been doing…





Now I gotta wait til next week to apply for help

At least I got a workout sesh in and ventured out into hell to find some organic food

I’m sure I probably could have spent that money at Victoria’s Secret but I’m looking forward to having some tacos and whatever I plan to make with that box of food I just bought so thank you

I had an ex once not worth mentioning that said I talked about food a lot and it was boring

How boring of an individual must you be to find food topic boring


I’m literally obsessed with putting taste on my tongue


There is still plenty of good ingredients in my fridge right now to make a delicious vegan stew

I’ll be dry humping the kitchen soon ๐Ÿคช

I moan when I eat good food ๐Ÿ‘€

In the military, we’d go out in little groups, order food, then put it all in the middle of the table and share each other’s

I’ll have some of this please

And, we’d pay separate checks with just what we ordered

But sharing was caring

We also lived in Germany and we hit up every restaurant that we could all the time and tried every fucking dish we could

I need real Jasmine tea in my life

I need REAL TEA in my life again

Not little bags poisoned with chemicals on a string (also poisoned)

They don’t want us enjoying anything

Fucking narcissism

I can’t believe summer is nearly over

I don’t have much time left…

Living the life of Edgar Allan Poe 2.0

“No one flies around the sun” (we can’t leave earth)

Neil Degrasse said on his TikTok that what those astronauts are doing up there is not in space and he wants to go to the moon so let’s send him because I don’t think we’ve been and I want to be proven wrong. I know I’m fucking stupid, prove me wrong, humiliate me in front of the entire fucking world please, go for it, do it, prove me wrong

Neil Degrasse also said what the astronauts were doing up there was boring and he didn’t want to do what hundreds of others have done

I bet he doesn’t find food boring tho or the person cooking for him ๐Ÿ‘

4 responses to “Health nut (fitness & diet)”

  1. It’s a gorgeous color! Pops so much in the sunlight!

    I recently learned they are putting chemicals that disrupt hormones, cause cancer/depression and a number of things, and it’s like 24 bad chemicals or something.

    So I’m switching my nail polishes over to vegan, got 3 new colors to try for my bday. Red, purple, and pink!

    I stopped buying the cheap ones from Walmart or the dollar tree basically.

    The dollar tree was a dollar all my life until recently it became the $1.25 store

    This organic shop seems so lovely tho. And they have a little deli I wanna try.

    Plus the workers had good vibes. There’s lovely seating outside to eat and chill. Proper little health store/shop/deli.

    No vegan cake tho. Not that kind of deli. They have a salad bar, make juice & smoothies (maybe sandwiches).

    Walmart keep adding fees to use their services, like that weight fee, and then they take 3 weeks to return nearly $12 for a few veggies. I KNOW SCAMS WHEN I SEE EM. ๐Ÿ˜œ

    But it was nice to check out a local, smaller food store and expand my horizon.

    Purple is one of my favorite colors. This tone puts me in a gentle mood and I’ve been on edge. So the mindfulness is working and my therapist says painting my nails is good self-care and mindfulness.

    Thank you!

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