Breakdowns & red cabbage (journal entry)

So grateful for the donation I received πŸ₯°

I took my Jeep to Pep Boys and got my tires sorted and they said I needed to replace three of them soon, that the tread is showing

I stopped by the store after and got the produce!

Got the good red purple cabbage + rainbow carrots and rainbow tomatoes + tomatoes on the vine

It’s gonna be a great stew

Got my nuts ordered online since that mega sale was mega bullshite and they were charging $18 for ounces, not pounds, and not listing the prices anywhere πŸ™„


I don’t need my husband yelling at me when I come home because I somehow got charged $18 for some tiny little nuts – despite asking questions here and there – and doing my best to budget and buy stuff without NATURAL FLAVOR

I’ve got 2 1/2 pounds of nuts arriving at some point – shipping dates are bullshite these days – but currently it says Sunday

$27 for pounds – not ounces – that will last me all month – and I can snack daily

The price varies over there, but the price in the grocery store was MORE for LESS (They’ve turned into convenient store prices)

I’m buying these nuts directly from the seller – they’ve been doing me alright for the few months I’ve been switching to a vegetarian diet

Sometimes the price is cheaper

But now knowing that main businesses are being absolutely GREEDY GASLIGHTING ASSHOLES – they can keep selling to the yuppies

I need my own land with nut trees growing

A nut and fruit garden

Chickens running around!!!

But I am so happy that I have several pounds of red cabbage in my fridge again, tomatoes from the vine, plus garden medley tomatoes and rainbow carrots (I still have sweet & baking potatoes and onions)

I probably should learn to make something other than stew but currently I don’t want to

I like the stew 🀨

I make it completely from scratch and it’s healing me

Minus the fact that the herbs are dry and not fresh


I’ve got my first bodysuit and my first Halloween costume that included accessories from dolls kill arriving whenever the fuck the package gets here and it’s worth living for the soup and the packages are worth living for and the potential possibility of finding a fucking partner in the future when I’m not quarantined

I hope moving to the country is less noisy

I am going out of mind

I woke up fucking crying

“Get up Trinity, get up”

And I did

I headed right to Pep Boys to sort my tire issue as the light was on the entire way I was driving yesterday

But the shops were closed for the holiday…

I saw a video on TikTok of a guy stating he was snowboarding and decided to go back “one more time” (A SECOND RETURN) and now he’s got a brain injury and can’t do shit for life

And I have a brain injury so I’m grateful I can still make soup

I mean maybe he can make soup I don’t know but like he went back a second time and that’s the thing I’ve been noticing – pay attention to that – pay attention to how people go back a second time and fucking die or nearly do (like me with that damn vaccine)

I also picked up some pumpkin spice bread with lots of nuts & seeds, no GMO, no natural flavor from a lab…

I need to learn to make my own bread (aside from homemade biscuits and cornbread)

It was this or the pumpkin pie πŸŽƒ

I may make my own pumpkin pie this season

Get a pumpkin

Carve that bitch out

I’m not buying meat anymore but I did buy some ancient grains and pumpkin seeds yesterday

Some have already gone in my homemade trail mix and I’m anticipating my pistachios and my cashews to arrive as I’m nearly out and was in a panic

The store yesterday was out of most things I needed

And the only milk they had was the milk with the red label and bacteria and I’m terrified to even open it but I will – I’m gonna get around to trying it

But I think I’m done with dairy after this

Milk was the only thing I got for this month, I didn’t get any cheese or yogurt

I’m gonna see how my gut does giving it a load of probiotics

But I’m learning dairy is terrible for hums…

And I had no idea they were walking and standing in lime or whatever it was

I’ve been seeing videos on TikTok and I’m just like “thank you for turning me vegan” and this is direct to farmers

“It doesn’t hurt the cow”


I’m gonna shrivel up into nothing πŸ˜‘

I’m working on a new set soon!

Just need a day or two to recover from the madness πŸ€ͺ

I also have a doctors appointment on Thursday so I’m just in the mindset of getting shit done as the first week of the month is usually chaotic

My dog is driving me absolutely out of my mind but I cannot send them to the gas chamber

I was able to buy his special Vienna sausage today and he took his medicine without a problem because he’s stubborn as fuck and apparently he will only take his medication with these Vienna sausages now

He’s got a 50mg dose of Trazodone in him now so he’s knocked out

I learned that I don’t like shopping at Publix today and I had been avoiding it for several months because of the bullshit pricing that they have going on and how most of the food is poisoned and I’m trying to get away from the big chains and buy local produce

Gosh it ain’t easy

The farmers don’t make it easy…

I miss the days of people selling produce on the side of the street and not fearing buying it


There are a few in New Smyrna Beach and surrounding areas


We’ll see…

They don’t make it easy for poor people to eat healthy

I’m sorry I’m so thin πŸ˜‘

I am eating and working out πŸ˜‘

I can’t participate in the slaughter of animals when 68% of all life has gone extinct

Humans had to adapt a gene to consume dairy

I’m in descension still

I woke up crying hard

Haven’t even had a coffee because I’m afraid to touch the milk… πŸ˜‘

I gave up drinking coffee for awhile because I thought I could only drink coffee with sugar but then I learned that I could drink coffee without sugar and now I’m gonna have to maybe learn to drink it without milk too 🀨

I would like to try making my own almond milk

I don’t have my poor ass kitchen set up to be a dream kitchen

I recently got one glass pot from the thrift store and I’ve been cooking out of that bitch

I would like to go thrifting again for my kitchen makeover

I’ve been getting rid of everything that causes cancer or is plastic

The Teflon, the aluminum, the plastic

Switching to glass, stainless steel, and eventually hopefully copper too

I really want to start drinking my water out of copper

And at some point get away from plastic jugs and containers and invest in water filters

They are putting Covid in the fucking bathwater


Your skin will soak that shit up

The devil is everywhere in society, everywhere, in everything, he is there…

This is inspiring so thank you!! πŸ‘‡


I’ve already got an item or two in the Dolls Kill cart πŸ€ͺ

Got the bills paid, the groceries bought, I’m not alive just to pay the bills…

I was able to get my cabbage and nuts today!!!!!! It literally stopped me from crying.

Having a head of cabbage in the fridge

Gives me the happies πŸ€ͺ

The heart needs the red and blue thangs

Red cabbage, beats, wild blueberries (there’s more thangs that directly boost the heart)

Him: honey what do you need to be happy today

Me: a head of purple cabbage and rainbow carrots and rainbow tomatoes

And a kiss πŸ€ͺ

Me: what are you doing

Him: planting you a cabbage garden 😍

Not starving this month (even tho I’m thin af)

Be careful with adrenaline spikes that will crash your heart

That’s the ticket out if you’ve been vaccinated and triple boosted


People of all ages are dropping dead and it’s not from the fucking sun

This just in: “fresh air now the rising cause of depression”

I crash landed and woke up so hard I don’t believe in alien propaganda anymore

People think robots have feelings and that you can get abducted by an alien

They probably injected a parasite in you too

The establishment is going to drop a bomb and call it Apophis

APRIL 2-0-2-9




3 thoughts on “Breakdowns & red cabbage (journal entry)

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  1. I’m scared of it πŸ˜‘

    The red labeling πŸ˜‘

    It’ll probably be a nice boost and I normally like a glass of cold milk with my soup.

    I haven’t opened it to taste test or sniff yet but likely will find my courage in the morning.

    It was all they had. I don’t have good boundaries and need to learn to say no. πŸ˜‘

    Fairly certain I could have got a gallon of regular organic milk for that price.

    I learned my lesson and won’t be back to Peggy’s “discount” and I was trying not to judge a book by its cover despite the gaslighting lol

    I prefer the little shop I found nearby but they are closed on Monday and Tuesday. I’ve only been there once but it was a much nicer experience and they do have a tiny deli I would like to check out plus seating outside.

    I am so much calmer with the spring water and cabbage in the fridge and nuts on the way though.

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