The Dead (poetry & photography) *mature content*

I hope you haven’t buried your head
Too deep in the darkness
Lost in the forest
Sleeping near the dead

I hope you can forgive things said
Dress your sins like a florist
Place your pain in the storage
Name the cemetery DREAD

I hope you’re happy now
But I’m not
Still miserable
And wanna jump from a high rock

Sometimes I wish you’d have my back
Like the courage that you lack
Or the trail of sin you track
Your soul is black

Crown Thorn
Where were you born
Crowd torn
War worn

Heart alarm
Changing form
Reason warm
I confirm

He tells her things
He should tell me
He knows
He don’t mean those things

The covert narcissist
I will dig him up
Like good and evil
Come to rid this curse

© Delia Ross. 2022

All poetry and photography by @poeeternal

More content coming. But first rest. The demons are sleeping. This my only chance. 😑

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