I got food for the month (minimal water)

The pantry and fridge is full!!!! 🤩

Walmart was completely out of eggs, coffee, red potatoes, and other items I ordered

When I asked if they had “less eggs available”, the employee replied, “we have no eggs”, and there were a few items that got substituted instead and I was actually grateful for that

The organic maple syrup was being bought out online as I was buying, along with many items, and the time slots available for delivery or pickup were already filled until 9 am Monday (today)

So I’m lucky I got any items at all

2 pounds of rolled oats! Only need 1 cup (uncooked) for the vegan protein balls! 🤪

The substituted Maple will do just fine (and can be used for pancakes too)

I recommend using a good peanut butter but I didn’t fit it into the budget – mostly because I have six jars of donated jars I wanna use up – and I’m relying less on the food banks as my main source of food

Got all sorts of edible thangs!

I still have regular pumpkin seeds to add to my nut and seed mix, but topped up on the roasted seeds and glad I scored a bag cuz they only had 4 left!

Food is healing and I got stuff I can eat if the lights go out

Tomatoes on the vine!

Fresh herbs, peppers, spices!

Apparently you can sprinkle flax on anything so it’ll probably get in the trail mix for starters 🤪

Peppers galore

I’m famished 🤪

Scored a purple and green head of cabbage!!! 🤩

Witchy vegan stew incoming soon 🤪

My dog is driving me insane and I do wish our nightmare would come to an end

6 excellent years followed by 5 terrible

And no, I don’t want him anymore. He ain’t a dog.

5 pounds of potatoes and despite how terrible the dog treats me, he eats like a king

Pound of dry beans + canned beans in case

Him: any additions?

Me: beans

Loads and loads of good eating this month

More of the good salt which may not be good after all but SALT

And this tea to help with inflammation but I need to learn to use the real stuff and baby steps….

The only water available…

And I still have a pound of raw cashews and 3 bottles of detox incoming

They were out of coffee and eggs tho and this was the only dairy I got (I’m trying to quit cheese and yogurt currently)

I didn’t show all the herbs but I’ve got some fresh cilantro and parsley to toss in the soup – not to mention like 6 or 7 fresh jalapeños (and a bag of sweet peppers).

Unfortunately the banana chips and the dark chocolate have natural flavor in it so I won’t be able to do those again but for now it will be a good snack. The dark chocolate is intended for the coffee. Luckily, the container I just popped makes 148 cups! But wasn’t able to restock this month!

Him: any addictions?

Me: coffee and cabbage 🤪

I got green and purple! I just desperately wanted a head! God made sure I got two!!! I’ll make good use! No eggs but protein balls and extra cabbage! Plus, that bag of oats was bigger than I thought! 2 pounds! My nuts are also the big boys!!! Happy to have a stocked fridge and pantry tis all!

I’ll find water but I need a filter for the sink! God wants me to become more self-reliant! Less plastic! Less waste!!! Less poison!!!!!! I can’t believe nobody is protesting the water being poisoned but I may start showing up at City Hall soon. But I’d rather buy an acre with a mobile home. Witchy stew and protein balls.


Gonna make some hot pepper sauce with the fresh peppers and vinegar! Homemade soup and pepper sauce!!! 🎃

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