My power is out!!!

Power is out

Ian before lights out

And everything went dark

But bro inspired me so much

I’ve been writing and in survival mode

Need to save the juice

I’ll post more when I can

Say hello to Hurricane Ian


These shots were taken before the power went out

The dark was Ian…

Hurri Ian

Could be out of power for days…

Power outage during Hurricane Ian

I posted stuff on TikTok and Insta before I went down

That dude was not drunk

He was walking a straight line in hurricane winds

Now meybeeee he had a drink

But he was not staggering and had full control

I was worried I was gonna get booted off of my live for dangerous activities so I was letting people know that I was not part of that group but looking back on it he had so much courage, will, and strength

He was exercising and taking dips in Hurricane Ian

The way that bird hovered near him

It was like watching a real life gladiator undergoing some sort of spiritual thang


Meanwhile, I was standing with my legs shoulder length apart holding the damn camera arm with both hands with all my might being blown left and right!!!

My lower back was hurting from being beat by the wind!!!

There were two others in his group that were undressing to go in that chose not to

I was live on TikTok so it took me by surprise – didn’t want dude to drown

That motherfucker is the son of Poseidon or some shit – like he is in god mode or something exercising his demons or gaining full control of them

I get chills watching back on it lol

I’m afraid for the water to touch me and this dude was baptizing in the storm


Not just any storm either…

Apparently one of the worst hurricanes to hit Florida in 100 years

My power has been down an hour or so

I definitely was not prepared but I have several hours maybe days worth of candle light that I can use and I’ll probably mostly use it at night time for 2 to 3 hours only

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