Thrift finds 🤩 (journal log)

This is a special Christian thrift store – you can only visit X amount of times to shop

Sitting near the entrance of the store – cookie instructions

But anyone in the world is allowed to shop free there (free shopping, I know it’s weird)

Loaded the Jeep up – all 3 bags from the Thrift shop 🙂

I never know what I will find and there is a 25 item limit each visit. The Jeep was stocked.

One worker said, “I got a bag fresh in if you want it” cuz I had found a cool vintage wicker basket and they thought I’d like this. They were right. In fact, I’ve been looking all over for something but didn’t like the plastic junk currently out there. Universe said “gotcha, know just the thing you need”. Precisely.

Zero holes or tears. Zips correctly and without aggravation (thus far). I think it might be insulated and for kitchen/food use… not what I’ll be using it for. Or will I? 🤔

Also scored a full size Cannon quilt – these thing’s don’t ever run cheap

It’s comfy and making my terribly uncomfortable bed more comfies. It’ll fit the Jeep when I’m homeless again. I already put it through the wash. Need some sheets to match. Love the colors. Not too thick for Florida. Absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Also scored a hardback dictionary from back in the 70s, before the timelime was switched.

A book I’ll understand.

And got this magical purple velvet box with an angel inside – and one of a kind – she’s resting on clouds – but the art is painstakingly done on the inside of the ornament (I mostly wanted the box)

Purple velvet box with special ornament inside

Because it’s glass and has a mirror effect, it’s hard to get a picture of…

She is special and resting on clouds. I don’t know how to get a better photo. All you see is me in the reflection. Inside under her contains this note.

But the wicker basket was a nice find. I mostly cared about the basket.

Inside was three all cotton embroidered Christmas hand towels from Thailand – along with vintage soup with hand drawn art on it. Vintage.

I removed the soap and washed the towels and cleaned up the wicker basket.

100% cotton Christmas embroidered hand towels from Thailand

Vintage art soap from Thailand (my guess is this was also hand painted)

There was also non-edible cinnamon bark with decorations inside with the towels and soap.

Vintage handwoven wicker basket

Got 2 matching sets of 100% all cotton bath towels

And a couple plates

A ceramic spoon holder (now in the wash)

Some clothing like sweaters and nice fancy t-shirts

A small petite robe by Pink

A very long and beautiful crotchet table runner with my small dream home and a tree

Also this paper tablecover and a little Gospel of John propaganda book about the story of God

It’s a special thrift store and can only be visited a certain amount of times.

Anyhoo. The cost is absolutely free and it’s not junk. I’ve been all over town trying to find a bag.

Online too. God hooked me up. Special delivery fresh in. “It just arrived, thought you might like it”. I absolutely did. God bless. I didn’t know I needed a food delivery bag, but hey, have you watched made in heaven yet?

I don’t know if it’s a food delivery bag, but it would work well for picnics and things like that or to put in the back of my Jeep in the trunk area and put items in it like groceries

You could store blankets and things in it. Love my wicker basket and black travel bag! Absolutely great to store the groceries to and from! If that’s what I’ll use it for…

Mikey didn’t know what to do with the shovel. I’m in a similar boat.

I have things part of my purpose that I haven’t sorted yet.

I don’t know how to store and organize the important things.

Got 3 important boxes. All varying sizes. Velvet and satin lining. Wicker woven. Black potentially insulated. Do I keep the ornament and box together?

I thought that little wicker basket would be great to store my pads and tampons in, but surely there’s a better use for it than that…

Already washed and put out… love that all my towels and blankets are cotton! (Synthetic fibers are highly flammable and hard to put out)

Check out Frog Ministry of Edgewater, Florida (free to anyone in the world – but you get X amount of visits) 🎄

Frog Ministry doing good deeds

Pay-it-forward when you can. 🎄🎁🎄

9 responses to “Thrift finds 🤩 (journal log)”

  1. I was excited to find them! You have to sift through items to get to the good stuff!

    I’m mostly after home improvement and kitchen items like glass (getting rid of everything plastic essentially)

    I never knew shops like these existed! It’s rare!

    I’ve got a few shopping days left through March! Can only do 3 each month with the item limit.

    I’ve enjoyed collecting the cotton linen as well! The good stuff!

    Happy Holidays! 🎄

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  2. Nice sifting! You have good tastes. Everything looked very special. Thanks for investing your time to take the lovely photos, write and share the post with everyone! Happy Holidays to you, too!

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  3. I feel like God wanted me to have these things – like I was meant to find them.

    Also me: don’t get hooked on materialism in hell, you can’t take anything to heaven

    I have been letting go of many things. Cleaning out the entire apartment.

    So to get a few new things (for me) kinda helps with letting go

    I have collected a few reading books that aren’t Biblical or educational 🙂

    Most people probably just use their eyes to scan but you gotta get in there and move stuff around 🤪

    The place is always busy too so I’m either lucky or people are terrible hunters

    I did get one old lady mad at me for finding a quilt and I gave them time to explore that section first

    She hovered over me hoping I’d not want it – like you don’t get excited about a find and then put it back 🙃

    You snooze you lose 🫠

    In the bag it went…. 🎄

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  4. She was mad I didn’t just hand it over to her like a bus seat

    Probably also was mad at my youth 🫣

    She probably still mad about it… (the quilt)

    I get 3 more shopping days in January, 3 in February, and 3 in March (9 total)

    I get an extra day each month cuz I follow them on TikTok

    I bet old lady only gets two days each month, she probably doesn’t have Facebook or TikTok to get the bonus shopping day each month

    She probably mad about it… 🤪

    “Why does she get three days and I only get two”

    I’ve literally heard the owners of the store get yelled at by a man who came in there, and didn’t find what he wanted. He was livid (the store is free)

    I ALWAYS tell them I appreciate them before I leave

    They are a Christian family and this is a Christian business

    I donated a ton of DVD’s, VHS, a Canon printer and office supplies, plus a vintage Victoria’s Secret gown to hopefully maybe spread some Christmas cheer to others out there (to Frog Ministry)

    And those movies were like new despite being vintage

    Someone will finally enjoy them

    I’ve been holding onto them for decades

    Starting over

    Also want completely out of this city, it’s dangerous

    I hope I’m not stuck like John Jones

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  5. Enjoy your extra days. How ungrateful for that man to yell like that. It sounds like your donation will spread some very special Christmas cheer! I hope you will find someplace safer, Delia. Stay safe, soldier!

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  6. Hear, hear!

    I’m trying to be less Scrooge myself this season!

    I’m already ready for the madness to be over 🤪

    Enjoying Christmas eatings and things tho! 🎄

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