Stiletto love My latest Instagram post is doing so much better than I thought it would. Especially because my self-esteem has been low – I haven’t felt very photogenic – and this was my first time walking in stilettos. πŸ€ͺ Thank you for the follows, bookmarks, likes, and comments. πŸ’•


You built me a starshipWith no commandsYou kneel down before meAnd place no demands Double rainbows are formingOver sacred landsAnd though time may be forewarningYou keep heart in hands Β© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal My time is almost up but I found one more way to say I love you πŸ’• Our home isContinue reading “Starship”

Reign went #1 on my TikTok in under 24 hours! πŸ˜

Reign went #1 on my TikTok! 😍

Reign on TikTok! (A soft reading of Reign on TikTok) ☺ *new spoken word*

Reign on TikTok (a different version)