DON’T (short rhyme)

My door sign read
Fuck off instead


Did you become the earth?
Deep in the Void
Did faith you desert?
Have you lost your worth?
Kicking til legs hurt?
Is hell our birth?

Cain killed Abel
I feel capable


Cain killed Abel;
But I didn’t visit my sister when she was dying
Don’t even bother crying
Maybe I’m not capable…

Stay on the path
Don’t deviate
There’s a lot of ways
For doing things wrong
Very few right turns

The demons in positions of power, the gays, they want to save us, ALLY *laughter* but probably should’ve cried (FYI)

Suicide from the hilltop

Chris Cornell died when he was on top
What a fucking drop
Lights on, then off
Final stop

We’re reckless
Up to neck
We’re feckless
Cleaning shop
You’re speckless
Winding your watch
Like you’re checkless

I know where he keeps
His secrets under me
I know where he sleeps
So comfortably

She has veins
She’s so strong
The weight she contains
Flowing all along

He’s down there
Rotting in regret
And we don’t know
His spirit is unrest

Feel like we’re separated by galaxies
Sad realities
A fallacy

How do I –
Get out from
The ruling thumb
Without killing someone?


I’m not having fun
I’m not drunk on rum

Everybody’s gone private
Still spreading like a virus


Why did you put me here?

I can’t swim in a current
Like the sun so burnt
Lessons never learnt

I like the rhythm we make
Like delicate thunder
The soft wonder
Filling clouds

I’m writing you from hell
Calling long distance
Crawling though persistent
And I cannot spell

I extract all the amber
Lies from December
Gather under chamber
Don’t love thy neighbor

I don’t wanna go right
I want to go left
Until I’m out of breath
Stuck to chest

The feeling is mutual
I don’t think it’s that unusual

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

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